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Suggestions for Symbiotic Interdimensional and Alternative Selves Relationships

Cover Image: Parallel Interdimensional Portals---collage by Jonathan Zap Note: this document is being prepared on Jan. 3rd and will keep developing after, and you are...

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Hey Cat 5+ Wannabe Hurricanes—GO BIG, OR GO HOME!!!

a mostly negative review of Hurricane Dorian by cultural meteorologist and highly-disappointed hurricane enthusiast, Jonathan Zap I remember listening to Coast-to-Coast AM years ago when...

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Hey Woke Folk, You May Not be as Woke as You Think

“I Stood Upon a High Place”  I stood upon a high place, And saw, below, many devils Running, leaping, and carousing in sin. One looked up, grinning, And said, “Comrade!...

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My Evil Twin Caused the Trumpocalypse

Cover Photo: Jonathan and Vexanithor Zap in a triaxially -stressed nuclear-magnetic mirror portal as photographed by a reverse-tomography quantum field camera earlier today. Way back...

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Protected: Take the Red Pill—a Private Briefing on the Islamic Matrix

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