Eros: Love and Sexuality

Understanding eros, love and sexuality

Eros, love and sexuality are central elements of the human condition capable of creating the deepest fulfillment as well as torment and tragedy. Explore many layers of truth and illusion that characterize the depths of these forces.

Confessions of a Self-Aware Starship

Awakening from uneasy dreams, I was aware of myself as a self-reflecting starship. For a few moments I lingered in that warpy place between dreams and wakefulness, still feeling partly caught up in some painful drama with another starship that had played itself out as I slept. Slowly the dream faded, and the waking consciousness returned---that all-too-familiar sense of myself as a middle-aged starship, about halfway through its lifecycle in an era where well-maintained starships often lasted a century.

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When Worlds Don’t Necessarily Collide—Orbiting with Planet Hottie

Another star in the galaxy of souls, one out of the six or seven billion Swarming across this rotating, orbiting ball in space, Comes spinning into my trajectory, And we converge, For a time we form a binary orbit, Weak and strong forces push and pull, We exert tidal forces on each other--- My weather changes, but so does yours. You are a planet orbiting with me, the other. And you have spin and counter spin, But then, so do I

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Incendiary Person in the Desert Carnival Realm

f you are not particularly interested in Burning Man don't be turned away, because the topics covered go far beyond this one event and include: Transforming our Thanatos Self Radical Self Reliance Magic Ritual and Self Importance Approaching a Mutant Nexus Rapidly Shifting and Parabolic Zeitgeists The Eros of the Present Era---how our Sexuality is Shaped by the Pendulum of Enantiadromia Examples of Mind Parasites and Vampires The Evolutionary Event Horizon A Logos Beheld Alex Grey on the American Dream and the Eye of God Virtual Reality Awakening from the Default Reality

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Other Intentions – What are my/your Intentions toward the Other

Someone just asked me to state what my intentions were in relating to them. What a great question and if only it were asked (and answered) more often and more honestly! Sometimes we question the intentions of others, but forget to question our own mixed intentions which are even more important for us to recognize and acknowledge. So consider receiving this a propitious time to ask yourself about your intentions to the other, and it may be more powerful if you commit your answer to writing. To start the process off I am going to share my intentions toward the other.

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Your Personal Unconscious

The Psyche as an Oscillating Entity in Thomas Hardys Jude the Obscure

This brief paper was written in the Eighties when I was a grad student at NYU. It discusses the principle of enantiodromia---the tendency for extremes to result in a counter movement into equal and opposite extremes. This principle is particularly applied to eros and spirituality and illustrated by an analysis of Thomas Hardy's novel, Jude the Obscure. Enantiadromia and eros are particularly relevant right now as we are living through a counter movement to centuries of sexual repression where promiscuity has, in many parts of society, become the expected norm.

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No Tristans Allowed Beyond This Point—Looking into the Western Myth of Romantic Love

Western romance mythology centers around being in love as an ecstatic state in which we feel we have been completed, found the ultimate meaning in life, and have larger than life feelings of intensity. Unconsciously we have the expectation that our lover provide us with these feelings continuously. We also assume that our model of romance is the best and that love relationships not based on “being in love” must be pale, insignificant shadows by comparison. We are convinced of this despite all the evidence that tells us that few enterprises, besides diets, begin with such high hopes and typically such dismal results as the falling in love sort of romances.

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