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Body and Evolution

Future of the Body in Human Evolution Our relationship to body and corporeality are in a state of dramatic metamorphosis during this time of evolutionary crisis. Cultural trends and technological developments reveal an intensifying urge to rebel from the limits of the mortal corporeal version 1.0 body.

Collective Unconcious

Explorations of the Collective Unconscious Jung recognized that there was an impersonal, collective layer of the human psyche that all individual psyches draw from and are influenced by. Documents in this sections are explorations of emergent themes, archetypes and visions occurring in the collective unconscious during this strange and metamorphic phase of human evolution.

Dialogues and Trialogues

Socratic Dialogues and Trialogues between Jonathan Zap and other thinkers Socratic dialogues and trialogues are a great forum for exploring many subjects. This section contains extensive dialogues and trialogues between Jonathan Zap and other thinkers on some unusual subjects such as magick, 2012, the “center of time,” and mythos.  “Mutant Convergence….” is a narrative dialogue co-written by Jonathan Zap and John Major Jenkins that tells the story of how they met through Terence Mckenna in 1996 as well as some back story about how they got involved in esoteric research.  

Eros: Love and Sexuality

Understanding eros, love and sexuality Eros, love and sexuality are central elements of the human condition capable of creating the deepest fulfillment as well as torment and tragedy. Explore many layers of truth and illusion that characterize the depths of these forces.

Mind Parasites

Mind Parasites—A Potent X Factor in Human Experience and Evolution Explore the nature of “mind parasites,” a potent X factor that may account for much of the strange excesses of individual and collective darkness. What types of mind parasites are there and what do ancient traditions have to say about them? What connection do mind parasites have with biological parasites, energy sappers and vampires?

Practical Psychology

Practical Psychological Tools, Insights and Strategies for Dealing with Everyday Life Someone once defined stories as “equipment of living.”  Although nonfiction, the documents int his section are also designed to be equipment for living.Explore this section for tools, insights and strategies for dealing with the many difficulties of human incarnation.

The Surreal Zone

Read some of Jonathan’s more surreal explorations—-fantasy fiction, rants, experimental writings, poetry. There are other ways, beside the sober, scholarly voice of most nonfiction, to explore the unconscious and other mysteries. The surreal zone’s explorations of uncharted territory take the form of fantasy fiction, rants, poems and experimental writing.

Tolkien Mythos

Tolkien Mythos The mythology underlying Tolkien’s great fantasy works is like a distant mirror of our own age and has much to tell us about the cycling of ages, androgyny, eros, desire and our experience of time.

Warrior Stance

The Way of the Warrior—A Life Stance for Anyone Who Wants to Lead an Effective and Engaged Life The Way of the Warrior is an archetypal life stance recognized by many cultures. Jonathan’s definition of a Warrior is someone who strives to live alertly,  intelligently, attuned to the moment in order to serve life affirming  transpersonal values. The introductory essay, “The Way of the Warrior,” defines the path and many of the other documents contain Warrior related quotes and life strategies.