Since the summer of 2023, I’ve been collaborating with mathematician and AI engineer Lilly Fiorino on high-functioning, large-language model AI oracles. A Zap Oracle version is coming soon, so there will be two AI oracles –-Lilly’s Tarot-based, Oracle’s Dream, and later a Zap Oracle version. Oracle’s Dream, like the Zap Oracle is in a state of continual improvement, but the prototype is already shockingly good, able to understand complex inquiries and conduct dialogues.

AI Oracle Pioneer, Lilly Fiorino

Lilly found me at the Unison Festival last summer and was struck by the improbability of finding someone else who created a computational oracle at her first festival. I was stunned when I interacted with her (she’s trans but responds to any pronouns) oracle for the first time. The card draws (as with the Zap Oracle) are done via randomizing algorithms (Mersenne Twister ) that use the precise moment in time of the mouse click as the seed of the algorithm to be as friendly as possible to both synchronicity and decision augmentation as possible. Her AI oracle perfectly comprehended my complex, full-paragraph inquiry, flawlessly related to the three-card draw, and concluded the reading with a summary in the form of a haiku. It was then able to dialogue with me about the reading fluently.

Lilly has been coding this oracle five hours a day for two-and-a-half years. I was a little doubtful when Lilly told me that she both thinks and writes in machine languages more fluently than English (because her English is so good), but then I noticed something weird about his phone screen. She had hacked her Android phone to replace the normal interface with a machine language interface which she finds easier to use.

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