Jonathan Zap provides services from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Expert Generalist Consultations

Jonathan Zap provides services from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

We live in an era when we defer to experts in the most critical areas of our lives, including matters of life or death. If something is wrong with our children, our bodies, our love life, our finances, our moods and emotions, we are told to seek out experts. Jung criticized this modern tendency to rely on what he called “soulless experts,” people who know more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing.

The most important person to consult is yourself. But the paradox is that while it is developmental to work toward greater inner independence, at certain times another person may help in the process. At other times, unexpectedly, and outside voice may deliver an insight, perspective, or piece of information that seems to snap a problem into focus.

Another person can sometimes act as a mirror and help clarify what you already know and need to more fully recognize. At other times, another person may seem to come from left field and give us an insight, perspective or piece of information we never anticipated. The people I engage to play this role for me are not experts, but gifted generalists. I want someone who can view the problem, endeavor or situation holistically, not narrowly. I seek out someone with a comprehensive view, who can be both logical and highly intuitive.

Over the years I’ve learned much about being a holistic consultant, particularly about how to stay aware of my projections and other inner subjectivities that could impair my usefulness to others. I’ve also discovered that my holistic, multi-disciplinary, generalist approach to subjects has allowed me to give counsel on a wide range of subjects:  artistic/creative process, business ventures, advertising and marketing strategies (for benign products and services), struggles with sexuality, spirituality, finding a life purpose, dealing with a romantic relationship, and so forth.

I can be consulted on a wide variety of projects, endeavors, and personal issues. The contents of this site are my resume and will hopefully show that I can successfully meld thinking with intuition and take a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to many subjects. The first step is to send me an email describing the nature of your issue or endeavor so I can make sure it is a subject that seems amenable to a successful consultation.

Since the approach is holistic, other services I provide can be worked into the consultation. These include: creativity coaching, writing, writing coach, editor, dream interpretation, I Ching and Zap Oracle readings.

I do everything I can to keep my prices reasonable. My standard charge is $1.00 a minute for individuals and $2.00 a minute for businesses.  Since much of what I offer  are consciousness-related services, I don’t like to turn people away because of money. If you send an email detailing mitigating circumstances we can negotiate a sliding scale. And if you are well off enough to do a little more than a dollar a minute that can help sponsor those who need the sliding scale. I’m especially willing to accommodate my rates for  students or anyone twenty-five or younger.  If you prefer an email dialogue we can negotiate a price for that service.

I can be consulted by phone, Skype, Iphone Facetime,  Skype or Google Video Call. You are also encouraged to record your session.

Disclaimer: I am licensed to be an English Teacher, to do gemology, and to drive a car. None of my services should be confused with those offered by a licensed therapist of any kind.

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