Accepting Mortality Accepting that you are in a mortal body at a particular phase of its life cycle. Rethinking attitudes toward aging, mortality and the life cycle.
Accepting People are in All Stages of Development
Nature is hierarchical and people vary along the spectra of any quality you can name. On the spectrum of consciousness people vary from mass man types to highly individualized and self-aware. It’s crucial that you locate and others and yourself on the various spectra of human qualities and relate as appropriate.
Accepting Shock
Shock, or punctuated equilibrium is crucial to development. Shocks may be perceived as good or bad, but are necessary to catalyze evolution. Find counsel here on how to relate to shock to maximize developmental change.
Accessing Spirit Helpers
A guiding intelligence is available in the universe.There are helpful forces and entities in the unconscious and other invisible realms. Recognize and access them to empower your life.
Acknowledging Inner Child
Although it’s become something of a New Age cliché to talk about your inner child, it is a psychological reality. Like the rings of a tree, we are a superimposition of multiple layers of development and this includes an inner child layer. It is crucial that we locate what is going on with our inner child, earn its cooperation and benefit from its talents.
Cloaking In the West, we are conditioned to call attention to ourselves. Often, however, it is wiser to keep a low profile and evade unwanted scrutiny.
Dealing with Power Issues
“Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.” – C.G. Jung Recognizing the power complexes in you and others.
Dealing with Reptile Drives It is all too easy to be taken over by reptilian drives—appetites, aggression, territoriality, etc. To earn free will, we need to observe and supervise those drives.
The heart has two phases, contraction and expansion, systole and diastole. Human incarnation has two phases it cycles through on a daily basis—-waking and dreaming. Remember that the other side of your incarnation is the dream time, and be aware of the waking reality as a collective dream.
Emerging from Darkness Suggestions for emerging from various forms of darkness.
Engaging the Moment Engage what the moment offers and the fire of life will burn brightly.
Flowing with Life Cycles Recognizing the life cycles you are in and flowing with them.
Following the Creative Muse In The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Jesus said,
“If you give birth to the genius within you,
it will free you.
If you do not give birth to the genius within you,
it will destroy you.”
Following Warrior Path
A Warrior with a capital “W,” is one who efficiently serves life-affirming transpersonal aims. Learn about the way of the Warrior and some Warrior philosophy, strategies and attitudes for everyday life.
Individuating Discovering your uniqueness and the conscious evolution of your individuality.
Integrating Shadow Be aware of the darker side of your self and of life and know what it is saying to you. Sometimes the darkness conceals a hidden treasure.
Interdimensional Traveling
Your real identity is that you are an interdimensional traveler who has arrived from some other dimension at birth and who departs almost every day to another dimension called the dreamtime, a traveler who has a guaranteed portal out of this matrix, the portal called death, and a traveler who interpenetrates with the varied dimensions generated by other human psyches.
Metamorphosing Human incarnation is usually a fluctuation between metamorphosis and stagnation. As the Dylan lyric puts it: “he not busy being born is busy dying”—Bob Dylan
Monitoring the Collective
It is important to be aware of your surroundings, and you are surrounded by the human collective which has a powerful psychical as well as physical presence. What is the zeitgeist of the collective and how is it fluctuating and trending? How healthy is your relationship to the collective?
Moving toward Androgyny the inner alchemical marriage of masculine and feminine
Moving toward the light peace, abundance, wholeness
Nourishing nourishing yourself and others, relinquishing inferior nourishment
Passing Threshold Guardians
Positive Trickster
Using positive (ethically appropriate) trickster energy—-creative problem solving, find ways around obstacles, diverting unneeded attention, canny and sly strategies and tactics
Rebirthing of the Feminine
Reclaiming Eros
Recognizing Abundance an abundant universe—there are more resources available than you think, you may be doing better than you think
Recognizing Magical Influence Our unseen influence on others, their influence on us, the influence of non human entities on us or others, the influence of our will or that of others on manifestation.
Recognizing mind parasites
Regaining Wholeness Inner independence — reclaiming power given over to outside objects and projections, accessing your core, essence
Relating to Friends and Spiritual Allies
Seeing the Unseen
Expanding self awareness to see the shadow and our many selves, seeing with cosmic vision, piercing the veil to see what’s happening at the core, exploring the unconscious, reality stranger than you can think, recognizing blind spots
Seeing through the Persona
Self-Witnessing Journaling, inner contemplation and exploration
Setting conscious boundaries As Robert Frost wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Setting conscious boundaries is an invaluable skill in so many areas of life.
Standing your ground transcending the Babylon Matrix/Partriarchial Forces/ Toxic Conditioning, Parasitic forces
Summoning your power accessing will, focus, active energy, magic
Synchronizing recognizing synchronicity, alert to portents, the world as oracle, working with oracles
Valuing Solitude We are social mammals, togetherness and community are crucial, but so is some solitary time which can empower inner work, creativity and individuation.
Viewing from Cosmic Vantage Clear, penetrating, calm and impersonal vision.
Working Alchemically finding your spirit medicine, transforming matter and energy, working with magic.
Working on body issues
Working on Right Livelihood and Money Issues
Working with Oracles A propitious time to consult oracles.