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The phenomenon of “energy sappers,” of people who are energy drainers, is well known to many from real life experience. The most insightful discussion of the subject I have to date encountered is in Breakthrough to Creativity, a wonderful book on parapsychology which was copyrighted in 1967 by Shafica Karagulla, MD. By an odd non coincidence, Dr. Karagulla was George Noory’s (of Coast -to-Coast AM fame) aunt. Unfortunately, Dr. Karagulla’s life was cut short by a car accident and we lost a leading pioneer in parapsychological research.

The discussion of “energy sappers” is to be found in a chapter entitled, “Energy Fields Around Human Beings.”

Dr. Karagulla summarizes the testimony of “sensitives” she has investigated and found a consensus in their descriptions of classic human energy states. For example, she notes that,

Sensitives observe that certain activities, ideas or experiences seem to increase the inflow of energy into the field of a given individual. When an individual comes into the presence of a well-beloved person all three of his energy fields are intensely brightened. He appears to have more energy of a bright and scintillating quality in these fields. This is very apparent in comparison with his usual energy field. A purely physical sex emotion appears to “muddy’ the emotional field and dull the mental field.

Some people show a brightened energy field under the stimulus of interesting intellectual conversation. In these cases it appears to be the mental field which first receives an inflow of energy and the effect spreads to the emotional and vital fields. The fields of the individual can be observed as they change, often from a rather mediocre state of brightness to a vital and scintillating state. This can happen very quickly with a highly intelligent person who responds with sensitive enthusiasm to the world of ideas. Actually the person appears to those around him to become more vivacious and energetic. The sensitive is aware of what has happened in the energy fields around such an individual. The ordinary observer is simply aware of a new enthusiasm in the individual.

The sensitives observe, with people more identified with themselves as the “Emotional I” the emotional field seems to be the first entry point for energy. Often the emotionally focused individual likes to stir up emotional scenes with those around him. When he does this the sensitive observes a brightening of the emotional and vital fields with little observable effect on the mental field. Those involved in the emotional scene often appear depleted and seem to lose energy. The individual creating the scene appears to achieve a sense of well-being and to be energized.

The same sources provided Dr. Karagulla with insights into energy sappers,

A number of the sensitives with whom I have worked have made repeated observations on individuals which we have come to designate as the “Sappers.” There are certain people who do not seem to be able to pick up their own energy from the surrounding ocean of energy which the sensitives describe. They appear to take their energy “pre-digested” from the people in their immediate vicinity. The sensitives see and describe this process. A number of the best sensitives with whom I have worked have given exactly similar descriptions. After much psychological and psychiatric observation, I have discovered that those whom the sensitives and I have come to call “sappers” are practically always very self-centered individuals.

The sensitive describes the sappers as having closed in energy fields. Such individuals may be totally unaware of their energy pull on other people. They may simply feel better when they are in the company of more vital people. Any individual who remains in the vicinity of the sapper for too long begins to feel desperately exhausted for no reason that he can understand. This baffles and bewilders him. Eventually a deep instinct of self-preservation causes the victim of the sapper to feel an irresistible desire to get away. He may attribute this to any one of a number of reasons. By the time this happens he is usually feeling an unreasoning irritation with the sapper.

As soon as the victim of the sapper has escaped and begins to feel better, he looks at his recent behavior as being rather unreasonable. He blames himself for being irritable with no apparent cause…On the part of the victim this cycle of escape, self censure and return for another energy pull is repeated over and over again…

Some of these sappers pull energy from almost anyone in their vicinity. Others seem to be able to pull energy more easily from only certain people. The simply selfish person who wants things for himself or the attention of other people is not usually a sapper. He may be exasperating for other reasons. It is the self-centered person enclosed in his own orbit who lacks outgoingness to other people and the outside world. He seems to shut off his contact with the ocean of energy around him. Kay once referred to this type of individual as a psychological parasite, using the mental, emotional and vital energies of other people.

Dr. Karagulla asked the sensitives to carefully observe the energy bodies of those involved in sapping,

Further observations and experiments on this problem of the sapper gave some more detailed insight. Since this phenomenon produces a very definite effect on the physical energy, I asked the sensitives to observe the vortices of energy which they see in the energy or vital body. It developed that the energy pull from a victim is usually via the weakest vortex. An individual with a disturbed energy vortex at the heart area appears to lose energy by way of that particular vortex…

It developed that there are classic methods that sappers use to sap energy,

There are several methods, according to the sensitives, by which sappers may pull energy. Some sappers appear to pull energy by using the voice. The extremely self-centered person who is a compulsive talker pulls the energy of his victim, whose attention he has gained, simply by talking. If the victim listens long enough his vital field and even his emotional and mental fields will begin to wilt, grow dull and show a general condition which to the sensitive means he is very exhausted. The more exhausted he becomes the more difficult it is for him to exert the will force to escape.

Some sappers appear to use the eyes to pull energy. They look with a quiet, steady, unbroken focus at their victim. The victim gradually becomes tired, restless, has an unreasoning desire to escape, and may begin to be irritable. When this type of sapper is part of a group the discomfort to any one victim is slight and his effect on the people present is therefore less apparent.

The sensitives also note that,

Those in an already weakened state always seem to be more distressed and easily drained by the sapper.

Two sensitives, independent of each other, provide similar detailed pictures of what’s happening energetically,

The sensitives describe a rather wide opening in the solar plexus area of the sapper in his vital field. Around the edges of this opening streamers or tentacles appear to shoot out and hook into the field of an individual in close proximity. The sapper often seems to have a desire to touch the person whom he is draining of energy or else to be as near as possible to him. There is a whole group of sappers who drain other people in this way simply by being near them. Those who drain their victims by the use of the voice or the eyes do not need to be in such close proximity.

Dr. Karagulla observes of the sappers,

A psychological evaluation of the sapper shows an individual who often speaks the language of altruism volubly. He will often talk a great deal about his concern and kindly interest in friends and acquaintances who are his victims. He will assure you that he would do anything for them, that they are wonderful people and they do him so much good. It requires some careful observation to realize that the sapper is nearly always extremely self-centered. He probably does not realize this himself, and he may be completely unaware of what he actually does to other people around him.

Dr. Karagulla’s findings closely parallel my own observations. Brad (not his real name) is the most consistent energy sapper I know. He will tend to gravitate toward the most high vitality persons in a social setting, stand or sit very close to them and make eye contact and initiate very mechanical conversation speaking in a monotone. Typically he will intrude on a lively conversation others are having and derail it by asking the most obvious of questions, forcing the flow of energy in the conversation towards himself. Intuitively, it becomes obvious that he is not really interested in the content of the conversation, but in redirecting it energetically so that everyone is addressing him and his inane questions.

The last time I encountered Brad I was waiting on line at a coffee shop and he came up behind me, out of my field of view, and struck me on my back. It felt like he was shocking my body/psyche/energy body out of a state of encapsulated, protected introversion and into a state where he could drain energy. From the first time I encountered Brad he was overly friendly and consistently flatters me even though I typically greet him coolly, even coldly. During the entire time I have known him (about ten years), I have always felt a very strong urge to escape every time he attempts to engage me in conversation. I used to feel I was being needlessly brusque or rude, but now I realize I am responding to bodily intuition and am having an immunological aversion to him.

Parasitism is one of the most common relationships in nature. According to National Geographic, parasites outnumber all other species on this planet four or five to one. We should not be surprised to find human parasites. An implication of my first hand account of an encounter with a vampire (see Mind Parasites, Energy Parasites and Vampires ), is that human parasites may be hosts to discarnate parasites which work through them. For more on the larger context in which energy sapping occurs see the mind parasite section of this website. Go the audio player on the main page of this site to listen to my most comprehensive work on the subject, Mind Parasite Matrix.

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