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Dealing with Melt Downs

When we have a meltdown, it isn’t because we have stopped believing in impeccability, the Warrior’s stance, or other codes of personal behavior. It is because we are impaired in some way---we are struggling with moods; we are dealing with physiological problems involving sleep or blood sugar; we are in a state of anxiety, anger or depression; etc. In any number of ways, we are in a diminished state, and our will to be impeccable is severely depleted. How can the Warrior’s code be of any use to us during meltdown times when we feel like anything but a Warrior?

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Journey to the Lower Astral - A Role Playing Game

Parallel Worlds – Journey to the Lower Astral – A Role Playing Game

Computer games are getting ever more VR like, games like Warcraft and Oblivion, and although I have never played such games myself, I have long wanted to design the underlying mythology for such elaborate games, and would be willing to do so for a modest, six figure fee. Meanwhile, the following game is one that you play yourself, supported by your own imaginal powers, while I provide an opening situation. As always, very interested in your feedback.

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Projection – the Enemy of Peace and Justice Part I

This essay covers, among many topics, projection as the key to understanding conflict in the Middle East and violence generally, the problem with fundamentalism and particularly Islamic fundamentalism, some thoughts and personal experiences related to anti-Semitism and it concludes with one of the most amazing synchronicites of my entire life which occurred as I worked on this, and that even has implications of the spirit surviving the death of the body.

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