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Logos Beheld

Logos Beheld works alone or as sequel to Looking Toward the Event Horizon is based on twenty-eight years of research exploring evidence from a variety of fields that we are already undergoing a profound evolutionary shift toward more visual consciousness and modalities of communication leading toward collective visual telepathy.

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the forge goya

Mechanical Resistance Matrix

“Mechanical resistance” is one of the great defining aspects of the matrix in which we are presently incarnated. It is a force in our lives as powerful as gravity or mortality and it overlaps and influences almost any area or parameter of our incarnation we can possibly think of----corporeality, illness, aging, money, sexuality, time, objects, consumerism, computers, technology, art, travel…

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Incendiary Person in the Desert Carnival Realm

f you are not particularly interested in Burning Man don't be turned away, because the topics covered go far beyond this one event and include: Transforming our Thanatos Self Radical Self Reliance Magic Ritual and Self Importance Approaching a Mutant Nexus Rapidly Shifting and Parabolic Zeitgeists The Eros of the Present Era---how our Sexuality is Shaped by the Pendulum of Enantiadromia Examples of Mind Parasites and Vampires The Evolutionary Event Horizon A Logos Beheld Alex Grey on the American Dream and the Eye of God Virtual Reality Awakening from the Default Reality

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Temporary Indeterminate Zone

Written just after 9-11 I discuss the "temporary indeterminate zones" of history when everything is in flux. I present a theory about why prophetic time lines are usually wrong. Finally, there is a disussion of a theory of generational cycles and what distinguishes the Boomers from Gen-X and the Millenials.

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