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Born Under a Blood Red Moon-Metamorphosis of the Feminine in the Dreams of Young Women

A young woman I know sent me a dream this morning with themes that resonate with dreams of other young women I have interpreted, and now I wish I had written down more of them because so many of them have been so powerful and illuminating of the state of the feminine after six thousand years of patriarchal history. In this essay I will discuss what I have learned from these dreams and from other cultural observations. I will conclude with analysis of two of dreams, including the one from this morning. Like most of my web-posted documents, this is a work in progress, and I expect to add to and revise this document as more dreams and observations come up.

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The Glorified Body-Metamorphosis of The Body and the Crisis Phase of Human Evolution

The metabolism of our species is reaching a feverish intensity as we approach an evolutionary event horizon. One symptom of this feverish metamorphosis is our mutating relationship to body. Suffering associated with body image has reached such epidemic proportions in our culture that it must be counted as one of the greatest spiritual plagues ever to be visited upon mankind. Note: this is the article form of what was originally a book proposoal. The Glorified Body book proposal contains some important information that is not presented here. You could read this as an introduction and then skip the similar overview in the book proposal and read the remaining sections. To find out what inspired this writing, and why it remained a book proposal read The Path of the Numinous

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Vision at Chichén Itzá

Notice the title of this document is “Vision at Chichén Itzá” not “Vision about Chichén Itzá.” I make no claim here, as in absolutely no claim, that what I experienced at Chichén Itzá is a revelation of anything about the ancient or modern Mayan people or culture. What follows are a few highlights of my recent trip to Mexico with Mayanists John Major Jenkins and Jim Reed including a visionary experience at Chichén Itzá.

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