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Body and Evolution

Future of the Body in Human Evolution

Our relationship to body and corporeality are in a state of dramatic metamorphosis during this time of evolutionary crisis. Cultural trends and technological developments reveal an intensifying urge to rebel from the limits of the mortal corporeal version 1.0 body.

A Spiraling, Eye-Encrusted Overview of the Art of Alex Grey (and some related topics, and a response from Alex)

This overview of the artwork of Alex Grey (also published as a multi-part series on Reality Sandwich) looks at problems the art world has with spiritually themed art, Alex’s transforming relationship to darkness and shadow material, what his art says about sexuality, and the public roles Alex plays versus his studio work.

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Pushing the Envelope, Boundary Expansion into Novelty in Personal and Evolutionary Contexts

The definition of pushing the envelope I have come up with and will employ here is: Boundary expansion into a zone of novelty previously unexplored by the species or an individual.

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Life Lessons from the Living Dead

If you want to learn about what’s at the core of life, the essential and ultimate universal values beneath all the distractions, deceptions and delusions, then ask the living dead. No, I don’t mean zombies. From my experience zombies have little to offer when it comes to finding the deeper meaning of life. I am referring instead to the testimony of near-death experiencers, people who have been physically dead for short periods of time, glimpsed human incarnation from the outside, and come back to their bodies. Extensive research has shown that near-death experiences have classic, universal elements and that near-death experiencers are usually profoundly and positively transformed as a result. Research also shows that parallel positive effects can occur in people just by reading about NDEs.

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The Glorified Body-Metamorphosis of The Body and the Crisis Phase of Human Evolution

The metabolism of our species is reaching a feverish intensity as we approach an evolutionary event horizon. One symptom of this feverish metamorphosis is our mutating relationship to body. Suffering associated with body image has reached such epidemic proportions in our culture that it must be counted as one of the greatest spiritual plagues ever to be visited upon mankind. Note: this is the article form of what was originally a book proposoal. The Glorified Body book proposal contains some important information that is not presented here. You could read this as an introduction and then skip the similar overview in the book proposal and read the remaining sections. To find out what inspired this writing, and why it remained a book proposal read The Path of the Numinous

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