Dispatches from the Trumpocalypse

Dispatches not included in this audio:


My Evil Twin Caused the Trumpocalypse


Mass Shootings, Trumpocalypse, and a Pathologized Will for Immortality 

A dispatch written on 1/12/18 and not included in the Youtube: Make Trump Your Oracle Card

Links Related to Dispatches from the Trumpocalypse in the order in which they are mentioned in the recording.

Trump’s Freudian Slip

Exploring the Unconscious

Real People Suck —An Imaginary Person’s Manifesto

Hurtling Toward Trumpocalypse 

Beware the Hollow Folk

A Splinter in Your Mind

A Shocking Rise in White Death Rates in Midlife—And What It Says About American Society

Zap Oracle website home page

Consult the Zap Oracle

Crossing the Event Horizon—The Singularity Archetype and Human Metamorphosis

Tolkien and the Developmental Need for Evil

Dynamic Paradoxicalism—the Anti-Ism Ism

Never Trust a Winner 

Can Post Trumpocalyptic Retrocausation Save Mankind?

Jonathan J. Zap Making Facebook Great Again

Docudrama on Trump’s Early Years Provides Cautionary Insights

Breaking News—RNC to Replace Trump/Pence with Camacho/Smith Ticket

All the Conspiracy Theories about Killary are True

Dispatch from the Trumpocalypse 

You Are Living in a 3% Alternate Reality Since Trumpocalypse

Trump Promoting Fake News a Cottage Industry for Macedonian Teenagers

Twin Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse

Take the Red Pill—Trumpocalypse  Reveals that You Live in a Simulated Matrix

Aboriginals Celebrate Sith Culture and More Sith News

An Interview with Sith Historian Sean Moffitt

Take the Red Pill Exegesis

Interpretive Magic

Mind Parasites, Energy Parasites and Vampires

Alex Grey and the Mind Parasites

A Gnostic View of Mind Parasites

Mind Parasite Section of Zap Oracle

Problems with the Conspiratist World View

If Not Trump, You a Dream on the Morning of the Inauguration

How Soon is Now Podcast (Episodes 3 and 7 are trialogues with Daniel Pinchbeck, Jonathan Zap and Anthony Peake

Trump a Black Swan Hatched from the Sulfurous Corpse of Roy Cohn

Trump’s Third Rail—Forgetting that the American Psyche has more than One Subpersonality

Trump’s Cognitive Decline

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