Dialogues and Trialogues

Socratic Dialogues and Trialogues between Jonathan Zap and other thinkers

Socratic dialogues and trialogues are a great forum for exploring many subjects. This section contains extensive dialogues and trialogues between Jonathan Zap and other thinkers on some unusual subjects such as magick, 2012, the “center of time,” and mythos.  “Mutant Convergence….” is a narrative dialogue co-written by Jonathan Zap and John Major Jenkins that tells the story of how they met through Terence Mckenna in 1996 as well as some back story about how they got involved in esoteric research.  

An Interview with Visionary Artist Thijme Termaat

Thijme is a self-taught artist who lives in a very small, rural town in Northern Holland. His amazing three-minute video, I Paint (click to watch it on Youtube), was constructed using simple, stop-motion and time-lapse techniques and no digital effects. It could have been made, as Thijme points out, a century ago. It would sometimes take him several days to construct a single frame and his output averaged one minute per year. Once it was complete, he posted it on Youtube and within three days it was being seen in almost every country on earth and soon had over a million views.

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