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Left Off Balance

Left off Balance

This was a high speed email rant, one of several I wrote after 9-11, but it seems more relevant than ever as I am continually confronted with projection issues from the left (where I used to associate myself). The left seems just as projection prone as the far right and that's why this is called Left off Balance. See also Projection the Enemy of Peace and Operation Infinite Projection.

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Other Intentions – What are my/your Intentions toward the Other

Someone just asked me to state what my intentions were in relating to them. What a great question and if only it were asked (and answered) more often and more honestly! Sometimes we question the intentions of others, but forget to question our own mixed intentions which are even more important for us to recognize and acknowledge. So consider receiving this a propitious time to ask yourself about your intentions to the other, and it may be more powerful if you commit your answer to writing. To start the process off I am going to share my intentions toward the other.

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A Mutant Convergence – How John Major Jenkins, Jonathan Zap and Terence McKenna met during a Weekend of High Strangeness in 1996

In the Spring of 2006, John Major Jenkins and Jonathan Zap were reminded that it had been exactly ten years since they had met through the late visionary genius Terence McKenna during a long, strange weekend in 1996. Both still felt haunted by Terence’s untimely passing, and thought about writing a book about him and how his work related to and influenced theirs, a kind of trialogue with the dead. Then they tentatively decided the book would focus on 2012 and the working title became: “Dialogues at the Edge of 2012 ----Journeying toward the Event Horizon amidst the New Age Carnival and Fundamentalist Doom Sayers.” Jonathan wanted the title to be “Carnival 2012” and aimed to expose all the projections and unworthy intentions swirling around this date. But man proposes, and the muse disposes. What ended up happening is that they each wrote about this long, strange weekend which culminated in an all night tape-recorded conversation in Jonathan’s camper. During the camper conversation they each introduced the strange convergence of elements that became the call to adventure leading them into mutant pathways and the weekend of convergence. And then, about a third of the way into transcription of the camper conversation, the muse suddenly diverted both of them into other projects, and the account of the weekend lay neglected, a curio made of zeros and ones lying on dusty shelves in various hard drives. Jonathan (who wrote this little introduction) rediscovered it in 2008, languishing within the narrow confines of an old thumb drive, and decided it was time to release it into the wild.

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