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Eclectic Quotes

I have been collecting quotations for a long time. Aphoristic quotations are sometimes the most efficient and entertaining expression of universal truths. For this reason one can often find quotes from very divergent sources and times that say almost the same thing in almost the same words. Sometimes they may have influenced each other, but often they have been independently influenced by universal truth. Everyone's' ego tends to create narrow tunnel views of things, especially things that frustrate us and arouse fear and desire. The right quotations at the right time can be like diamond bullets that blast holes in those tunnels and make us aware of much larger vistas.

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Warrior of the Light camp


The following quote collection has been culled from the Casteneda books and represents a distillation of Don Juan's philosophy of the warrior. Regardless of what you may think of the literal veracity of these books(they have been pretty successfully debunked as truthful encounters), they were for many in our culture, including me, the first encounter with the philosophy of the warrior. Don Juan's teachings about the Warrior stance have the perfection of a Samurai sword or arrows shot by a master Zen archer. Their concise, penetrating power is unequaled, and they pierce ego illusions like diamond bullets. Taken together they amount to a Toltec Warrior Manifesto. Someone once defined stories as "equipment for living." Don Juan's warrior teachings are also equipment for living, something never to leave behind, like a blade of impervious metal, a powerful ally to accompany you into any sort of wilderness.

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