Fluctuations in the Force

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The above image is a shadow self-portrait I took with my Iphone at Sonic Bloom
I will be at Burning Man, but I also have an extra Burning Man ticket, I paid $390 plus some fees, but will sell at face value or best offer. I can priority mail it (I’ll pay the shipping) to you this Tuesday including the 2012 survival guide. You can pay me via the paypal link on zaporacle.com so it will be a pretty easy transaction. Here’s my essay on Burning Man which should be published in Reality Sandwich soon: http://zaporacle.com/incendiary-person-in-the-desert-carnival-realm/ Burners will be able to find me at center camp doing dream interpretation and oracle readings for free. I also expect to give a talk or workshop but a place or time has not been finalized. Many a great adventure comes together at the last minute, so consider this your call to adventure if you can pull it off.
Burning Man 2008, photo by Jonathan Zap

Many new writings since the last newsletter. I have an article up on Reality Sandwich entitled Romney’s Freudian Slips and Fluctuation in the Force—if you leave comments it will boost the article’s ranking. This article began as a status update.

zaporacle.com has a few changes you may have noticed if you’ve logged on recently. My Facebook status updates now post automatically to the front page so you can always go there for my latest thoughts. It will never be about what I had for breakfast. More often they’re observations about world events from a psychological point of view, or fluctuations in the zeitgeist I’ve noticed. Tanner Dery, webmaster extraordinaire of Zap Oracle is working on a Zap Oracle mobile app. The site already works on most smart phones, but it will work in a much sleeker way when that comes together. Thank you Tanner Dery for continual innovations that allow the steampunk starship to continue being able to navigate the murky and ever-fluctuating reaches of cyber space. Need an app or amazing website or some other alchemical object crafted expertly of zeros and ones contact Tanner: [email protected]

Currently I’m at 7200 feet in the high desert of Taos, New Mexico editing a book by Michelle Corey about a functional medicine approach to curing autoimmune and thyroid disorders. If you have any sort of autoimmune condition, this is the person you want to work with. See her site Vibrant Way. If you want to find out more about my editing, writing, counseling and consultation services see my services page. Return trajectory to Planet Boulder set for late this monday evening.

I’m still waking up between 3 and 4am most mornings to write in the predawn. Two days ago when this happened, and for the third time in my life, there was an amazing synchronicity involving the man who coined the term “synchronicity” Carl Jung. I just wrote about it in a piece about why the predawn hours are a window zone. See Predawn Window Zone

I have also been updating my travelogue, Summer Travels 2012, here’s two paragraphs about a dream I interpreted on June 23 at Sonic Bloom.

One of the most fulfilling experiences I have doing this is when people bring me recurrent dreams that have haunted them. Recurrent dreams often relate to central elements of someone’s incarnation and a recurrent dream a young guy related to me yesterday is resurfacing in my mind right now. In his recurrent dreams he would be swimming in a lake that was ringed with high mountains. It was always nighttime and foggy. Drifting through the fog, floating just above him at about the height of the canopy of Aspens where we were sitting, was a city. A city that he described as grid-like and Blade Runner-like. Inexorably, he’d find himself pulled upward into the city. He’d find a hatch on its underside and would enter the city through it. He would then restlessly wander the streets and buildings on the surface of the nocturnal city.

To me, the dream seems like the soul’s view of the Babylon Matrix, the grid we were inexorably drawn into for an incarnation. From the perspective of the lake, the floating grid was just one of the many possible flatland dreams that could be conjured out of the fog. When we wander the surface of such a grid it seems to encompass us, and we may forget that its underside is dotted with hatches which can be used as exits as well as entrances.

Need your dreams interpreted? Go here for more on my dream interpretation service .

A Moon Base as seen in the General Motors Futurama of the NY 1964 World's Fair

Another recent status update that is now an article is Timelines Trembling Before the Collapse of the Wave Function

which was written right after the landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover and discusses different visions of the future and a paradox happening in the American psyche after the Michael Phelps Olympic victories and the rover landing occurred in the same week. It suggests a possible disturbance in the force that could happen this summer. It also discuses the relevance of the two General Motors Futuramas in the NY World’s Fairs of 1939 and 1964.

People at the 1939 General Motors Futurama at the NY World's Fair seeing a vision of the "amazing wonder world of of 1960."

I also posted I Status Update, Therefore I Am an anthology of status updates that begins with some ambivalent reflections on the nature of Facebook.

I posted some comments on Reality Sandwich the recent shocking and disillusioning revelations about Terence McKenna that come from his brother Dennis. See On the Disillusioning Revelations about Terence McKenna

There is a lot of new material on the Batman shootings. If you go to the Reality Sandwich version of The Batman Shootings and Crossover Effects you’ll see there are close to a hundred comments, some of which contain new revelations about the case.

One aspect of the present shooting that seems to cross the improbability threshold into synchronicity/crossover territory is that the same movie company, Warner Brothers, that produced Dark Knight Rises had trailers out in movie theaters concurrently for Gangster Squad which shows gangsters breaking through a movie screen and firing at the audience. I can't image a more direct emblematic image of crossover effects.

I had a bit of a Facebook fight with an atheist which I wrote about here:

On the Seeming Impossibility of Civil Dialogue with Atheists


Finally, Facebook brought me the opportunity to have a fight with an Egyptian Sun God (which I think I won).


My Fight with an Egyptian Sun God

The Egyptian Sun God Ra, who Now Weaves New Age Cliches on Facebook
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  1. Typically our practice is to pick a word or phrase and simply repeat the sound over and over. Like watching a pendulum swing back and forth while undergoing hypnosis, meditation is a type of hypnosis. Anything can be used as the swinging pendulum. Shamanism uses the beating of drums, Buddhism the rhythm of breathing, Hinduism-Mantras, as religion uses prayer.

    Many traditions give words that are actual names of spirits. Because of western objections they were next called “Spirit Guides,” or “The Collective Consciousness” but the practice remained unchanged. Proof is found visiting places like India where you may see your word written on a shopkeeper’s wall for the purpose of receiving protection from that spirit. Meditation is therefore calling on spirits BY NAME. These creatures come into our minds during meditation and take control of our world through us. Cultures around the world have various techniques for using humans as a medium.

    From the everyday thinking state of consciousness, without effort, our mind settles into the highly alert state of pure awareness. No doubt same as the hypnotized state of mind. We are focused on anything until we enter this altered state. At this point all thoughts cease, even the repetition stops. The mental pendulum has served its purpose. The mind is now empty, void of all individual thinking and open to ANY suggestion. Our intellectual powers, our ability to discern and make decisions based on reason, have been switched off. Someone or something else now gains control…

    “What if I meditate without using a spirits name? Perhaps I the meditator or humanity gains control.”

    Since all forms of the practice stop human thinking, any spirit close by or most in tune with your individual mind is most likely to gain control when a neutral wave is used.

    After summoning our spirit(s), we now begin a 2nd more powerful technique. A word or phrase of action is next employed in the presence of the summoned spirit requesting performance of that action for our benefit. Commonly used Sutras are: Show Compassion, Lord Deliver Us, Grant Me Wealth, and Peace on Earth. In effect we timidly start begging them to fulfill our desires. Since these requests remain largely unfulfilled even after centuries of chanting them, we should now realize, they are simply making fools of us.

    Perhaps there is a way to finally place humans in control and begin changing this violent planet they have created…

    Rather than helping them enter our world, try the opposite of meditation to free our minds at last. Instead of timidly asking them for something, why not tell them to discontinue their activities in our world. First summon the spirits same as before, or summon more powerful beings such as:

    Satan, Shiva, Baal, Allah, Jehovah, Great Spirit, Buddha, Azazel, Yahweh, Jabulon, Earth Spirits, Nature or use any name already activated into your community by TV or meditators, then say…

    “that name here” complete payment for your crimes in Hell.*see Footnote

    Then begin the more powerful 2nd technique by chanting any of the following Sutras…

    Spirits of corruption – leave.
    Entities of torture remain in Hades.
    Martial Arts, suffer for violence.
    Liars & cheats – disgraced.
    Spirits of Human Trafficking – Gone.
    Gods of Abuse – Exposed & Humiliated
    Entities of abuse and alien abduction – complete payment for your crimes in Hell.
    Entities of rape and prostitution – gone from the surface of the Earth.
    Satanism & Wicca – removed from power.

    Then replace them with the following. Or make your own commands:

    Honesty & Truth – Rule the World.
    Virtue & Chastity – Exulted.
    Trafficking & Torture gone from existence
    Principles and Morality – Dominate.
    ET go home.
    Family values – Exalted.
    Sex before marriage – humiliated.
    Sex only in Marriage.
    Corrupt Politicians – suffer in Hell.
    Persecution gone from existence.

    Because these Sounds work in reverse of traditional meditation, they can finally remove alien world domination – a plague controlling the Earth since Eden. Also bring into existence a New Age of Mans-Rule – Free at last after torture and violence under spirit rulership.

    Now understood, meditation should no longer be called magic but science, actually a super-technology operated from within the human mind. We do not have all the technical knowledge they are using, but we now have a basic understanding. We know enough to make anyone of good will renounce tradition and begin something new as explained above – liberating our minds at last.

    A Sincere Reply from a Meditator.

    “Thank you for your letter… Here is my advice… You must take a bite in order to understand what a banana is like. You must taste it! Right? If you want to know something about meditation, come to a Zen Center and try! Then if you have a question, there will be a teacher who may… give you an answer. Just try!” No one or group is manipulating anyone.

    My Reply to Meditators:

    A banana can taste better than anything experienced in our entire life, but may still be poisonous. We are foolish to determine the value of something by consuming it. To determine meditations’ true value, you must reverse yourself from the practice NOW as outlined above, then take an objective view.

    Concerning not being able to manipulate someone against their will; a person will deny he was hypnotized even in front of people that saw him hypnotized! He could be standing on a table from a post hypnotic suggestion dressed like a turkey, brought back to the normal state of consciousness and have no idea how he got on the table as a turkey. Humiliating! Thus Zen teachers or any other variation are the least likely to provide accurate answers about what is happening to their minds and our planet.

    An Enlightened Reply – Generates ET abductions around the World:

    “If ANYONE stretches his arms out wide he or she will be able to touch… some person, or more likely… persons, who are [victimized by ET contact which follows meditation]. I too know of one… who is now in a mental institution; of another who is heavily into drugs and alcohol; of another that has attempted suicide; plus one more who has seriously considered suicide.”

    *Footnote: Only physical bodies feel pain. Hell is a place of torment not torture.
    The real Stargate into/out of our world is the amazing human mind.

    • I was actually very interested in reading your comments Moss until I detected undercurrents of right wing fanatacism. What a load of crock!

  2. I break it down to two simple rules. Don’t fuck with other people’s heads, and don’t let other people fuck with yours.

    A practice which I think of immediately is Nidra Yoga, which is black sorcery, and attracts malevolent spirits like shit attracts flies. It is quite the popular thing right now.

    I practice Taiji, Qigong, yoga, zen and taoist meditation.

    I have modified my practices and do what I call a “Qi Box.” It is an activity of stretching out my space, my qi, my aura, my mind, and setting up a safe space around me in which energy or entities that arrive without invitation are simply sent to ground. Think Faraday cage.

    I make it fun with a lot of movement and clearheaded calm.

    I talk to people who talk a lot about intention. What they don’t mention is that there is such a think as evil intentions, as counter-intentions, and the simple fact that when you start “manifesting” out into the world, you are sending energy out into other people.

    I think of the old adage about not throwing rocks at wasps nests, because they allegedly can track back the line of force the rock travels.

    So when you send good intentions to someone, you open a path for malevolent spirits to follow back to you.

    Yes, I think we need to talk about keeping people safe.

    But I don’t think your statement “Meditation is a type of hypnosis…” is accurate.

    But then again I don’t know what your definitions mean, and the container metaphor “human mind” conceals as much as it clarifies.

  3. I’m sure this is a wonderful site, but I can’t read your fonts! The print contrast isn’t good enough for these old eyes. I’ll read the email, I guess. 🙁

    • Hey Kat, This is an easy problem to solve. If you look at the upper left of any doc you’ll see a “print” option. It won’t immediately print anything if you click that. It will eliminate the background and give you the same doc as plain black font on white background.

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