Solstice, Sith, Slips and the Mechanical Resistance of Everyday Life

Photo of the Flatiron Mountains in Boulder by Jonathan Zap

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photo by Jonathan Zap
photo by Jonathan Zap

Even if you are reading this after the solstice, this whole zone, up until New Year’s Day, when many people make resolutions, is the traditional time to attach intentions to the growing light principle. See:  Setting Solstice Intentions

sith contemplate

The new Star Wars film is here, and it is visually spectacular, but as with the other films in the franchise, nearly everything it says about the Sith is a lie contrived by clever Jedhi propagandists. See: Sith Culture, An Interview with Sith Historian Sean Moffitt

The unconscious can talk right past our ego and persona, sometimes to perfectly contradict what our false personality is saying. Freud wrote about this in 1900, and such moments came to be called “Freudian slips.” Donald Trump just made an amazingly revealing slip, but it doesn’t compare to the slips of W, the most amazing in American history: See Donald Trump’s Amazing Freudian Slip

The mechanical resistance of everyday life is a pervasive struggle, but in many circles it is rarely commented on. Here are some of my thoughts and strategies for dealing with it: Dealing with the Mechanical Resistance of Everyday Life 


This is one of my more autobiographical blogs, about why I create polarized reactions in others. There are some insights that may be valuable to those who abhor small talk. The Sometimes Tragic Effects of Being a Zap and using the Force-Lightening Technique Indiscriminately

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Parallel Journeys collage by Jonathan Zap, 1996

Most of my pre-dawn writing time is still being devoted to Parallel Journeys, my interdimensional epic. On 12/23/15 I posted yet another revision of chapter one. Please read it and give feedback if you get a chance.

Best wishes for the New Year and a merry Annual Retail Festival of 12-25 to all.


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