Beta Testers Comfortable with Interdimensional Travel and Reality-Distortion Needed!

cover image: Interdimensional Traveler Logo, copyright Jonathan Zap, 2010

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Beta testers comfortable with interdimensional travel and reality-distortion effects needed! I’m doing a beta test of the first 4 sections (about 83K words) of my fantasy epic, Parallel Journeys, which has been undergoing a complete revamp since the equinox (9/22/13) Testers will get a free copy of the finished book and my eternal gratitude for feedback of any kind, positive or negative.  Please participate in the Parallel Journeys Beta Test

 Interdimensional Passport, 1997, paper and gel medium on plywood by Jonathan Zap


                      Parallel Journeys collage, copyright 1996, Jonathan Zap, paper, gel medium and varnish on foam core poster board
(my friend Alex Grey has seen the collage and generously approved my use of numerous images from his book, Sacred Mirrors)

We have  released two new apps for Iphone and Droid. Both are called “Zap Steamcast.”

The Iphone version is much more powerful and finished with lots of functions and cost $1.99.

The Droid is basic, is in beta and it’s free.

The most significant thing that both apps have is “Steamcast.” Here’s the description of Steamcast from the app store:

Zap Steamcast allows you to play 60+ “Steamcasts” (podcasts) by visionary philosopher and writer Jonathan Zap while doing other stuff on your device. A sophisticated player streams the audio content from a server so that the approximately 100 hours of content (with more coming) does not eat up your memory.

The full function Steamcast player gives you an expanding audio library of podcasts on an amazing diversity of subjects—the nature of psychopaths and their influence on the financial meltdown, a synthesis on the stance of the Warrior and how it is presented in various traditions, the historic roots of the modern myth of romantic love and how it often dominates our lives, practical strategies and psychological insights to help you manage your time, enrich your relationships, empower your life and otherwise navigate through the murky waters of human incarnation. Some podcasts have a serious tone, others present deep insights in a surreal way that draws you down various rabbit holes. All the podcasts are vividly performed by the author, Jonathan Zap.

“One of my favorite thinkers and writers is my friend Jonathan Zap. His insights are simultaneously cosmic and intimate, shocking and healing. Among visionary philosophers, he offers one of the smartest perspectives about the evolutionary changes we’re in the midst of. “—Rob Brezsny

The Iphone version provides many other functions including quick access to the Zap Oracle that has 660+ cards and allows you to do five types of readings on your device. With a free membership to the oracle, all your readings, plus any notes you add, are saved for you on our server indefinitely. Theme Tracker analyzes individual readings and all readings from a date interval you specify for archetypal themes.

Click here to go to the preview page on the  Apple App store  The quickest way to download though is just to search for “Zap Steamcast” in the app store on your Iphone.

Click here to go to the Google Play page for Zap Steamcast

The quickest way to download though is just to search for “Zap Steamcast” in the app store on your Droid.

If you like the apps, please write a positive review.  Zap Oracle webmaster Tanner Dery has done amazing work putting these together.

We also  launched a totally revamped version of the Zap Oracle website.  It will auto-resize for multiple platforms so that it is now much more tablet and smart phone friendly.


I am now a featured correspondent and editor at Reality Sandwich, the best countercultural nexus on the internet.

I presently have 33 articles published there and am adding new stuff all the time.  Recent posts include movie reviews: See American Hustle, but not The Wolf of Wall Street , An Unexpected High-Frame Rate Journey into the Jacksonian Tolkienverse—a review of Hobbit 2, and other articles on a variety of subjects— New Year’s Resolution—Taking on the Sacred Regimen., Carnival 2012 Revisited and many others. If you do find an article there you like, please vote for it! Reality Sandwich is the best place on the net to get updates on what’s going on with psychedelics and paranormal research, alternative economic developments, festival culture, environmental news and activism and many other subjects.

I know some people will find this offensive, but for the open-minded please see my Youtube: Problems with the Conspiratist World View

Here’s an intro: The conspiraitist world view—the belief that a unified cabal of elitists is manipulating world events, mind controlling the population, that the main stream media is nothing but lies and that we already live in a police state and a New World Order, etc. has become ubiquitous in global culture. It is the premise of so many Facebook posts, viral memes, websites, radio shows and movies. It transcends red and blue and is as likely to be heard amongst the far right and the far left. It is a perspective widely held in Europe, Central and South America, the Arab world, Australia, New Zealand and almost any place you can think of. Typically, the purveyors of this point of view think they are daring revolutionaries waking up the sheeple, etc. and don’t seem to notice that they are actually just one more of a vast and growing multitude who hold this perspective. Many of these people are close friends of mine.  My challenge to them is to listen to this talk and consider whether this worldview actually represents an awakening rather than a distorted perspective riddled with problematic assumptions and reality testing issues.


(still shot from the video, Problems with the Conspiratist World View)


Painting by Czaritsa (Ashlee Casey) based on a still shot from the AMC series, The Walking Dead

I believe that future cultural historians will view some of the great TV series of the present era as our cathedrals. See some of my thoughts on this subject:

Mirror Words Shimmering from our Video Screens

Painting by Nathan Zap, 1977  To see a gallery of his paintings:  Nocturnal Images—The Paintings of Nathan Zap

I’ve started a series of podcast/Socratic Dialogues with other thinkers called Mutant Mind Meld Episode 1 is with Dr. Bruce Damer, recorded at Burning Man, 2013

               Dr. Damer teaching white rabbit at Burning Man, photographed by Jonathan Zap

Here are some of the subjects we covered in this wide-ranging dialogue:

When will there be another explosion of novelty comparable to the Sixities?

The “slow burn” revolution

The fate of communes and the growth of intentional communities

The problem with communities based on ideas

A practice of total presence

A community based on the presence practice

Science of Conscious Conference

Intentional Communities as an emergent theme in the collective unconscious

A simple experiment that might create a telepathic hermetic circle

How to engineer a new society as illustrated by a successful social experiment born from the wasteland of the Czechoslovakian communist era.

Psychopaths as the corporate ideal

The culture of psychopathy and how it potentiates the drive for loving communities

Why the United States is not a nation but an emergent phenomenon

Rewriting the constitution

The Alphabet versus the Goddess, the shift in hemispheric dominance and the beginning of the end of patriarchy

The world-wide drop in violence

The dark side of mitochondrial Eve

Pseudospeciation and the origins of racism

How a single mutant can shift the matrix

The mutant versus the machine

Dune and the Kwisatz Haderach

Secret mutant hermetic circles

Novelty, interiority and fantasy

Technological spin offs from Star Trek

A Star Trek metaphor for our current state of evolutionary metamorphosis

Zap on the Singularity Archetype Recorded at Fractal Planet/Burning Man 2013

This is an hour long talk I gave at the Fractal Planet Speaker dome (a 60′ tall geodesic dome) at Burning Man 2013   The talk was on Aug. 27 and is entitled “Crossing the Event Horizon.” It explains the Singularity Archetype and how it shapes both an evolutionary event horizon for the species and the personal event horizon of death.  It is the Singularity Archetype and the content of my book condensed into one hour, but to get all that you need to pay close attention because I cover a lot of ground.

As always your feedback is appreciated. Comments can be left below.

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