April 23, Stay Active, Stay Social and Stay Sith!


It’s crucial to stay meaningfully occupied and social during the coronapocalypse. 

Everyone in my household has been managing to do that. I’m back working on my fantasy epic Parallel Journeys which, since 2013, begins with a global pandemic and involves two characters enduring extreme isolation living inside a man-made biosphere (a sealed, self-contained ecology). Resuming work on this project has greatly raised my morale despite being in a high-risk CO-VID demographic and, since the pandemic, having developed a potentially life-threatening condition (but that doesn’t presently make me feel ill) and dealing with acute and chronic sciatica. Being blessed with so many things, but very especially a meaningful creative mission, doesn’t allow me to feel dismayed by coronaporn or my individual medical concerns. 

I’ve heard that some people who normally have a lot of anxiety are doing well in the pandemic, because it helps to have an objective outer situation to worry about rather than one’s own share of subjective free-floating anxieties. I’ve found that an objective crisis can be calming and centering for me. 

Staying active and social during self-quarantine, Indigo Jones assembling a 7,894-piece Lego Imperial Star Destroyer while Face-timing with friends.


Today he’s catching up on school work, but yesterday my godson, Indigo, worked from morning till late into the night on this Imperial (Sith) Star Destroyer. This was pleasing to me for many reasons, but especially because Indigo is learning Sith values such as their respect for military service, technology, science and disciplined work ethics. Many people are starting to realize how much the Sith have tried to set an example for us with the pandemic by adopting highly effective breath mask technology long before any of us paid attention to N95 masks. 

With their characteristic unselfish concern for their employees, the Sith famously outfitted people who work for them with high-quality face masks long before the pandemic.

Learn what the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about the Sith here:

An Interview with Historian of the Sith, Sean Moffitt

(a link to some of my efforts to debunk popular myths about Sith culture)

Black, Body-Armored Lives Matter!

April 4th, 2020 Our Amazing Journey OUTSIDE!

For almost three weeks, I’d been seeing video footage of the outside world, some of it in 4K, but nothing quite prepared me for how high-definition and three-dimensional everything looked and there were things to see in every direction. 

Coronapocalyptic Boulder didn’t look quite as bad as I thought, but there were a few overturned burning cars and some scary looking corona mobs near the edge of town. We saw a few mob members fighting over some sort of bloody entrails— hopefully just a couple of squirrels or a stray dog, but I’m pretty sure I saw the glint of an AppleWatch still strapped to a hunk of bloody red meat on the bone.

Once we made it to a high-altitude, snow-covered trail in the Roosevelt National forest, things looked almost  normal. Five out of six of our household members, plus our anti-viral attack dog, Link, came along. Our sixth member, Andrew, stayed behind to defend our stronghold. Andrew, thank you for your service.

Indigo and Stryder, ages 15 and 12, spotting what they called “skinjobs.”

A few times, we saw some free-range humans in the distance, some of them not even wearing face masks. The kids called them “skin jobs” or “skin walkers.” I tried to explain that they were once people just like us, but it been so long since they saw an outsider I’m not sure if they believed me.


The author, warily surveying our security perimeter for unmasked skinjobs with our anti-viral attack dog, Link.

Overall, I’d give the outside four out of five stars. It was a bit scary and dangerous at times, but the stunning visuals and high production values really made it a worthwhile, once-in-a-lifetime experience!

On a more somber note, I have been having disturbing dreams related to the pandemic that, to my mind at least, indicate a real disturbance in the force and a profound shift in the species collective unconscious, but it feels too soon to write about. May have more to say about that in the future.

CO-VID19 Corona Virus as photographed by a Zeiss black-field scanning electron microscope at the WHO

the author photographing his corona altar in his dining room


Although I’m in a high risk demographic, and I’m having a hard time summoning any sort of enthusiasm for dying alone on a ventilator (I am enthusiastic about the great event horizon of death, but I’ve always been squeamish about some of the messy circumstances that might lead up to that), I have yet to find the time or inclination to milk the pandemic for deep themes. If you do want to milk the corona virus for big themes, I recommend my colleague Charles Eisenstein’s essay on the subject, The Coronation.

In my earlier post, I dissed the conspiratists who were predictably milking the pandemic, but was relieved that so far no one was blaming the Jews. But that was more than two weeks ago and just today I found a CO-VID conspiracy post dusting off the Rothschilds as the masterminds behind the Pandemic.

See my youtube: Problems with the Conspiratist World View

 During our last global conflagration, WWII, my dad, Nathan Zap, enlisted, and since he was a microbiologist, for most of the war he worked on infectious diseases in an underground microbiological lab run by the U.S. Navy.

                     Nathan Zap, WWII

 Nathan Zap, WWII, in sub-basement infectious disease lab

Nathan Zap, wearing the WW II Equivalent of an N 95

NathanZap’s WWII-era Zeiss and Leitz microscopes on display in my study. When I was a student at the Bronx High School of Science, my dad showed me slides he made during WWII  of spirochaetes that caused incurable syphilis and other nasty microbes to share his dark obsession with infectious diseases.

Nathan Zap was born in 1919, the year the Spanish Flu had its highest death count. For most of the war, he worked in a sub-basement infectious disease lab at a naval base in San Diego, but near the end of the war he was sent to the beaches of Normandy on D Day to serve as a medic. Nathan was the only one of his corp to survive, and he had PTSD symptoms for the next sixty-seven years until he died at age 93 in 2012. If anything about D-Day came on television, he would walk out of the room.

Now it’s my turn to make a great generational sacrifice, and given that I am in a high-risk corona demographic, I’ve decided to put my affairs in order—specifically I don’t want to end up on a ventilator cursing myself for leaving unwatched Star Trek episodes on the table, especially if they are any of the CBS All Access ones given that this subscription is  auto-deducting $9.95 monthly from my bank account. Pursuant to this intention, I have now completed season one of both Picard and Discovery.

I had myself photographed sitting in the Captain’s chair of the U.S.S. Discovery because there is a possibility I might be cast as a Starfleet captain in season four of Discovery. Although no employee of CBS All Access has specifically told me that this is a possibility, it is equally true that no one employed by CBS All Access has specifically told me that it is not a possibility, so logically the odds should be 50/50. It is also impossible for me to disconfirm the possibility that in a parallel universe I might already be (or about to be) captain of an alternative Star Trek Discovery series, perhaps a more ruthless one.

I’d been neglecting whole Star Trek series like Discovery, Voyager and Enterprise for years, but once the pandemic turned grim I found myself reaching for them. Stories are “equipment for living,” and almost all post-WWII science fiction is dystopian, but Star Trek is a rare exception, a healthy and positive mythos. It foresees an unlimited future of exploration of new natural wonders and I feel like I need that now to counterbalance the dark view of nature I inherited from my dad.

Nathan Zap after WWII

Anyway, given this generational crisis, the least I can do is stay at home and watch as many unexplored StarTrek episodes as I can, while I can, and to boldly go where so many other geeks have gone before. 

But if you think I’m just sitting around watching television, you’d be dead wrong. Actually, I’m virtually circumnavigating the globe on my Aerodyne Circumnavigator Mark VI®™air bike while watching television. 

See: Aerodyne Equatorial Circumnavigation

Photo caption: The Aerodyne Circumnavigator Mark VI ®™ set up in my basement home theater

I started very early in the pandemic (Valentines Day) at the Prime Meridian about 690 miles off the coast  of  West Africa .

So far, I’ve pedaled 726 miles which currently has me virtually biking across the West African nation of Gabon. The closest city is the ominously named Lastoursville.

If my tone seems to lack the gravitas appropriate to a deadly pandemic, please keep in mind that I was raised by a father who was grimly obsessed with infectious diseases and pandemics, I’m a hypochondriac and notorious ventilatorphobe, and I watch about ten hours a day of coronaporn news coverage a day. I’m burned out on pandemic gravitas and just can’t bring myself, so far, to write seriously about the subject. But it’s not like there’s a scarcity of gravitas-intensive corona porn out there. I’m still in the denial, bargaining and adrenalized excitement mode of global catastrophe. My pandemic motto is, “If life gives you a deadly CO-VID 19 pandemic, see if you can make it into corona virus lemonade.” As far as I know, no one I’m personally acquainted with has died yet, nor (thank God) any of the celebrities I cherish so much more than anyone I know personally, so, for me, the pandemic sometimes fills me with fears of a lonely, ventilator death but also still has elements of an exciting media spectacle— and when it comes to big televised disaster spectacles it’s hard not to want them to be spectacular and hard not to be disappointed when they fizzle out. I wrote about this last hurricane season. Please read my thoughts about hurricanes which are highly relevant to pandemics:  Hey Cat 5+ Wannabe Hurricanes—GO BIG, OR GO HOME!!!  More soon.

March 16th

Coronapocalytic Virus-Hunter Jonathan Zap in front of his specially-equipped CO-VID 19 viral assault vehicle

Come with me, if you want to live.

Read this page, and only this page, if you want to live.

Don’t trust deep-state fake news on

https://www.cdc.gov/  or


Don’t believe CO-VID 19 info from so-called “experts” on public health.

No one knows more about the CO-VID 19 virus than I do. Trust me, I know more about viruses than the so-called “virologists,” and that’s why only I can fix the coronapocalypse.

CORONAFACT: If you gargle with full-strength battery acid for twenty minutes you will be relatively unaffected by corona virus for the rest of your life.

CORONAFACT:  WHAT THE FAKE NEWS DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW: The corona virus is a dem/libtard/deep-state hoax cooked up by George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, and the fake news lame-stream media. I’ve spoken to numerous sources in China and Italy and none of them have ever heard of the corona virus! It’s all a bunch of deep fakes.

Wake up sheeple! CO-VID 19 is  just another dem/libtard/deep-state, big, fat, hoax invented to hurt Donald Trump. These people are really sick and just plain nasty.

There is nothing to fear but the hoax itself, and this page will be continually updated with the latest information you will need to know to survive the hoax.

Because of this page, because of my work exposing the hoax, the Dem/Deep-State Libtards panicked.

George Soros and the Clinton Foundation were terrified that this page had exposed their coronahoax, so here’s what they did to protect themselves from full disclosure:

They engineered an actual corona virus that acts just like the CO-VID 19 hoax virus so their lies wouldn’t be exposed!

The Deep State funded George-Soros gangs of libtards to get on planes and Diamond-Princess cruises and whatnot to spread the new virus they quickly cooked up at Clinton Foundation germ warfare labs so that their hoax wouldn’t be exposed.

Connect the dots, follow the money.

George Soros and the Clinton Foundation couldn’t afford to have their viral hoax exposed by this page.

The only way they could cover their tracks was to release an engineered virus that ACTS JUST LIKE THE HOAX VIRUS.

It’s obvious once you think about it. They had the motivation, the money and the means.

There was no collusion, the Ukraine call was perfect and beautiful, and there was no corona virus. They couldn’t let the public see one more of their hoaxes exposed! So now they just keep repeating their lies again and again, the same lies they told on the fake news about the hoax corona virus when there was no virus so that now that there is an engineered virus that THEY JUST CREATED THAT ACTS JUST LIKE THE HOAX VIRUS, they can bamboozle you into thinking that they were always telling the truth about the pandemic to trick you into believing their next fake news hoax to hurt Donald Trump. Only warped Trump-derangement-syndrome-libtard minds could come up with something like this.


This page will keep exposing the REAL TRUTH  and is the ONE AND ONLY place where you can find out what’s really going on with WORLD WAR V and get real-time dispatches and true tales from the coronapocalypse as told by legendary virus hunter, Jonathan Zap . . .

If you are offended, please stop reading here.

This is likely to be a mostly serious set of dispatches.

I started with some divisive satire that would offend Trump and conspiracy folk to reduce trolling. Later I will post things to offend the woke folk, who can be even more annoying trolls. See my massively microaggressive post: Hey Woke Folk, You May Not be as Woke as you Think

6:03 PM  Seriously though, humor can be anti-viral in multiple senses. This sort of humor carelessly  written at high speed almost never goes viral. But humor can,  in a more literal way, be anti-viral. Stress raises cortisol which lowers immune function and viral world wars are stressful, therefore they raise cortisol and can make you more vulnerable to the virus. Therefore, keeping a sense of humor to ease the stress can be anti-viral.

What we all need to do, as I am, is to use the pandemic to get attention on social media so life still has value.

9:10 PM According to research on survival (I recommend the book, Deep Survival, by Gonzalez), survivors seek to raise morale. So, I’m trying to emphasize the positive.

If life gives you a corona virus pandemic, then try to make CO VID 19 lemonade or something like that.

I was born almost 14 years after the last world war, so I missed both I and II, but, even if I hadn’t, I’m pretty sure I would still consider World War V my favorite.

Nation states and races aren’t super mad at each other. No trench warfare or mustard gas. So far no one serious has blamed the Jews yet, if anything the Chinese are getting the most blame, but really it’s mother nature plus wet markets that are most likely to blame.

Luckily for me, World War V is coming when I’m too old to be drafted and when I have a luxurious house with no mortgage and some independent means and can comfortably binge on 4K HD corona porn in my basement home theater, though mostly I walk around streaming corona porn on my Iphone while listening on bluetooth headphones so that I don’t have to miss out on any of the excitement of an intensifying catastrophe. Just a few months ago I wrote about my disappointment when hyped-up hurricanes start category number dropping. see: Hey Cat 5+ Hurricanes—Go Big, or Go Home!  

While hurricanes fizzle out quickly this is a world wide catastrophe generating new developments every day so it has a lot more entertainment value than hurricanes or earthquakes which tend to peak quickly and fade from the news.

Obviously, I’m not feeling the coronapocalypse quite as bad as I expect I would if I was on a ventilator with a high fever. But I have been going through all the classic, pre-infection corona virus stages that most affluent folks have been going through. Being a news junkie and early corona porn obsessive,  I went through my shop-till-the-virus-drops phase 3 or 4 weeks ago. My shopping list was well informed by years of watching the Walking Dead and other content that prepared me for zombie and/or viral apocalypses and various of the key gadgets and supplies you need to get through such apocalypses or apocalypti if that’s the correct plural form. We need a plural form of apocalypse now that we have a simultaneous trio of apocalyptic black swan events running together —the Trumpocalypse meets the Coronapocalypse meets the global financial apocalypse. Apocalypti are trending right now—kind of makes us seem like asteroid bait doesn’t it?

My six-person household–plus dog and hundred-gallon tropical fish tank— have, as of today, gone into social isolation mode. My last guest visited last night. My two godsons, 12 and 15 years old, are home from school indefinitely—all schools in in Boulder county closed, and soon the whole state and country.

Sometime during that last social visit—a twenty-two-year-old friend who was working three jobs including tattoo artist, Uber driver, and promoter of a radio network at public events —and who was barely scrapping by paycheck-to-paycheck— helped me to tune into some of the panic and depression infusing my psyche form the national and global zeitgeist. At the moment, I’m a bit too comfortably situated and fascinated by the global phenomenon of it all to have full empathic tune-in to how much this is causing other people to suffer. But I am 62, which is a riskier demographic than 22, and I’ve got a couple of underlying conditions, though overall my health seems to be excellent.

But one of my underlying conditions that I share with a lot of people is mortal-meat-bodied-incarnation syndrome (MMBIS) which is usually fatal. Medical experts are currently predicting that 100 % of people who will never be infected by CO-VID 19 will die anyway.

Based on years of study and writing about NDEs and numerous spontaneous OBEs and ADCs, etc, I am actually rather excited and enthusiastic about the amazing event horizon of death, but I am not at all enthusiastic about any sort of messy, painful scenarios involving plastic tubes, etc. that might lead up to that. I do not want to be getting triaged in a crowded hospital corridor struggling to breath. Nobody is going to want to see a selfie of me hooked up to an out-of-date ventilator. I would much prefer to be hiking in the Rocky Mountains, feeling quite fit and healthy until the moment I’m struck by a spectacular bolt of lightening killing me instantly and, given my last name, no doubt greatly elevating my social media profile.

For more on why you should view death more as emergence than emergency see:

Life Lessons from the Living Dead

Looking Across the Event Horizon and into the Singularity

Again, it’s not how many days you get to live, it’s how many likes and followers you get during the days given to you.

So, please forward, like and repost these World War V dispatches which I will be continuously updating as the coronapocalypse unfolds in real time.

This website is the product of tens of thousands of hours of work. Making all this content available free and without ads means this enterprise runs at a lifetime six-figure loss. That hurts my feelings as well as my finances! Please help out!
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