Zap on Coast-to-Coast AM Wednsday May 28

I will be on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory this Wednesday night, May 28th, into the early morning of Thursday, May 29th.  The show starts 10PM Pacific time, 11PM Mountain, Midnight Central, 1AM Eastern but I won’t be on until the 2nd, 3rd and 4th hours of the show:  11PM-2AM Pacific, Midnight -3AM Mountain, 1AM-4AM Central, 2AM-5AM Eastern.  Originally hosted by Art Bell, Coast to Coast AM draws an audience that has ranged from 3-12 million listeners, making it the most listened to late night show on the planet. Today, the program is heard on nearly 570 stations in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Guam. To find the station nearest to you go the Coast Affiliates Map and click on your state
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You can also just scan through your AM dial and you should find it in multiple places. Or, you could listen to it live on line by going to the websites of various stations that carry the syndicated show. KOA in Denver, for example uses the IHeart Radio player that will stream coast live:   Or, if you are away from your computer, you can download the free Iheart Radio App which will allow you to stream your favorite stations from your smartphone or tablet.
A couple of hours after I got the call from Lisa Lyons, the producer of Coast, it was announced that Brian Williams had a secret meeting in Moscow with Edward Snowden, that he interviewed him for hours, that there are all sorts of new disclosures and that this interview will be broadcast a couple of hours before the Coast show on wednesday night. Since that’s going to be huge breaking news, there’s a chance that the format of the Coast show could change that night. I sent Lisa Lyons an email about that and asked that the show not be split and offered to comment on the Snowden case (which actually has a thematic connection to the Singularity Archetype).  As of Monday I’m still on the schedule for the full three hours, but if there is some bombshell revelation by Snowden in the interview I can foresee some last minute change. 
The main subject of the interview will be my book Crossing the Event Horizon—The Singularity Archetype and Human Metamorphosis    <<<click on link for book summary, ordering info, and to read or listen to the first 40 pages for free.
I will be teaching workshops on the Singularity Archetype at a few festivals late spring and summer: Apogaea,  Sonic Bloom, Arise and Burning Man.

I am now an editor as well as a featured correspondent on the popular online magazine Reality Sandwich (something like a counter-cultural version of the Huffington Post).  You can find most of the sixty articles I’ve written for them here:
I am now writing book 2 of my fantasy series Parallel Journeys which is an imaginal exploration of the Singularity Archetype and an elf origin story among other things. Anybody who has reading and/or editing skills who might want to give feedback on a beta version of the series should contact me at: [email protected]. I will be talking to my literary agent about publishing options tomorrow, but I will be very interested to hear from anyone with publishing ideas, leads or suggestions to offer.
Kalki Movies of Australia produced three Youtubes of me talking about the subject of mind parasites: Part One Part Two Part Three

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