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Rob Brezsny , author, visionary, and musician whose syndicated column appears in more than 200 newspapers wrote in his weekly newsletter:

“Jonathan Zap, Visionary Philosopher and Dream Worker Extraordinaire. The best dream worker I’ve ever known.
Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working on my dreams with some fine dream workers, but recently I discovered the best ever. His name is Jonathan Zap. Highly intuitive, schooled in the wisdom of archetypes, and really smart, Jonathan has helped me crack the codes of some of my major dreams. His cost is quite reasonable, too. I exuberantly recommend his services.”

What is Dream Interpretation?

The phrase “dream interpretation” can be somewhat misleading.  From my point of view dreams are not puzzles awaiting solution, but life experiences.  Dream interpretation is at least as subjective and limiting as “life interpretation.”  It would probably be meaningless, for example, to attempt an interpretation of what you did last Tuesday.  But on some Tuesday there could be a dramatic episode of the sort that would later become a frequently repeated story or anecdote. These dramatic episodes could be subject to interpretations such as, “That certainly taught me never to believe that people are who they say they are.”  Similarly, most of the dreams that people bring for dream interpretation are dramatic episodes where insistent meanings are breaking through from dream time to waking time.  Interpretation is still subjective, but the dream may be tasking us to interpret it into the waking life

No credible dream interpreter can claim to interpret every dream. Ninety percent of dreams that are brought for interpretation, however, have prominent archetypal elements which can be interpreted. The main validity test for dream interpretation is whether the interpretation resonates with the truth sense of the dreamer.

How much is Dream Interpretation Service?

Once you have prepaid send me an email with the phone number you would like me to call and good time ranges to reach you you (please indicate what time zone you are in).  I will send you back an email suggesting a specific appointment time, and then you can either confirm or request another. I recommend recording our consultation if possible, or at least having pen and paper available for taking notes.  Although phone consultation is generally better, I can also do dream interpretation by email for a flat rate of $120.  Even for those who are doing a live interpretation session, it is often helpful to send the dream along as an email first so I can study it before our session. If your dream is one I don’t feel I can interpret I will refund the fee.  The number of minutes you prepurchase should be proportional to the length and complexity of the dream or dreams you want to work on.

My standard charge is $3.00 a minute. If you are twenty-one of younger and can’t afford that rate, we can work out a sliding scale. I can be consulted by phone or video Call. You are also encouraged to record your session.

Please read the brief Dreams and Reality, Nightmares before your interpretation. Optional reading: Born Under a Blood Red Moon—Metamorphosis of the Feminine in the Dreams of Young Women provides many examples of my approach to dream interpretation.

Disclaimer: I am licensed to be an English Teacher, to do gemology, and to drive a car. None of my services should be confused with those offered by a licensed therapist of any kind.

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