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Podcasts for Dealing with the Money-Time Continuum

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I’ve just heard that some people out there are still struggling with financial issues. Why wasn’t this brought to my attention sooner? I’ll have to have someone on my staff look into that.

Actually, like you, like most everyone, I know what’s like to struggle with a scarcity of green energy and time. I have just revised and podcasted three documents related to the money-time continuum:

Green Energy Vortex—Money as Far-from-Equilibrium Dissipative Structure and the Secret of Turning the Green Energy Blues into a Mountain of Gold Doubloons is my most in depth rant on the subject of money.

A brief, somewhat more grounded treatment of the topic is:

Resource Fluctuations Happen—Working with Scarcity and Abundance

And almost completely grounded and even briefer is a life-affirming strategy of relating to time:

Pathfinding Daymapping

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