Manhattan store front window with reflections

ZIJ—Dealing with Zones of Inner Jeopardy

Manhattan store front window with reflections

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ZIJ—Dealing with Zones of Inner Jeopardy is my latest document and podcast. Here’s a couple of paragraphs:

Zones of inner jeopardy (ZIJ) are those familiar times when we are inwardly stressed, our thoughts and emotions are agitated, and we may be enveloped by dark moods. The causes of ZIJ are various, and usually there are multiple causes such as metabolic disequilibria, social/sexual issues, financial hardship, disturbances in the force and so forth.

Of course we could talk about ZIJ using psychiatric jargon, but many of these clinical labels amount to little more than what my former writing mentor, E.L. Doctorow, called “the industrialized form of storytelling.” Industrialized labels for inner states also seem to be invitations to those over-friendly, multi-national pharmaceutical companies to help us out with lifelong prescriptions to neuropharmaceuticals. Pill pushers like to talk with highly confident vagueness about “chemical imbalances in the brain” requiring chemical solutions. But at the time of this writing there are exactly zero tests for these supposed chemical imbalances in the brain. (Documentation to back up this statement is widely available. Here’s a good summary article from The Guardian:Brainwashed—Mental illnesses are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, right? Wrong, says Craig Newnes) So when you hear “chemical imbalance in the brain” you are getting a bit of industrialized mythology that has a scientific ring to it, but which actually has no more scientific validity than saying there are gremlins in your head. Of course our bodies and brains are fluctuating systems, but “chemical imbalance in the brain” is an industrial spell designed to disassociate you from your inner state. Instead of a soul, you have an unbalanced tank of chemicals in your head, and should therefore defer to the chemistry pros to set it right.

Find the rest (and the podcast) at ZIJ—Dealing with Zones of Inner Jeopardy.

I’ve made many new podcasts of existing documents. Here are two from the previous two newsletters:

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There are many other new ones you can find in the podcast section, but maybe I’ll save introducing those for future newsletters Meanwhile, I hope you get to explore the way of ZIJ which can provide you with some valuable tools for dealing with the inner chaos that life in the Babylon Matrix <<<click that link to see a glossary of Zap terms.

Halloween costume 2011 Pearl Street Mall Halloween in Boulder—Note the costume shows the ubiquitous Aztec Calendar Round which people think is an image of the Mayan calendar.

I hope this finds you well and traveling confidently into the strange landscape of 2012. See: Carnival 2012—A Psychological Study of the 2012 Phenomenon and the 22 Pitfalls and Blindspots of Esoteric Research

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