The Glorified Body-Metamorphosis of The Body and the Crisis Phase of Human Evolution

The audio above is almost identical to the fourth chapter of the first edition of my book Crossing the Event Horizon–Human Metamorphosis and the Singularity Archetype Second Edition, now available free on this site.  You can find trade paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon, but they are currently (October of 2023) the first edition. The book and two chapters linked below are from the second edition.

I recommend reading the third chapter of that book alongside this one, as they have strongly overlapping implications: Chapter Three–The Singularity Archetype and Near-Death Experience.

Chapter Four–The Glorified Body–Metamorphosis of the Body and the Singularity Archetype

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  1. Holy shit.

  2. It would be great if this insight would be understood and utilized when treating those with eating disorders. Maybe an inroad could be created in ongoing treatment that is not very effective at this time. Very powerful information.

    • Exactly!!!! Reiki works on the subtle bodies, the etheric bodies, and can balance the past, present and future. I healed an eating disorder that did not respond to conventional therapies with self-Reiki treatments. This explains exactly why Reiki, and some degree Homeopathy and Acupuncture, why energy medicine is will trigger the evolution of the self to get past the suffering and discard the disease and grow beyond it.

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