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The Glorified Body-Metamorphosis of The Body and the Crisis Phase of Human Evolution

The audio above is almost identical to the fourth chapter of the first edition of my book Crossing the Event Horizon–Human Metamorphosis and the Singularity Archetype Second Edition, now available free on this site.  You can find trade paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon, but they are currently (October of 2023) the first edition. The book and two chapters linked …

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Avatar and the Singularity Archetype

©2010 by Jonathan Zap Edited by Austin Iredale What is the Singularity Archetype? Some of the most significant layers of meaning in Avatar are not to be found in the articles available on the web that discuss its underlying mythology, at least from what I’ve read. Avatar is charged with emergent archetypal messages from the collective unconscious that relate to …

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Incendiary Person in the Desert Carnival Realm

f you are not particularly interested in Burning Man don't be turned away, because the topics covered go far beyond this one event and include: Transforming our Thanatos Self Radical Self Reliance Magic Ritual and Self Importance Approaching a Mutant Nexus Rapidly Shifting and Parabolic Zeitgeists The Eros of the Present Era---how our Sexuality is Shaped by the Pendulum of Enantiadromia Examples of Mind Parasites and Vampires The Evolutionary Event Horizon A Logos Beheld Alex Grey on the American Dream and the Eye of God Virtual Reality Awakening from the Default Reality

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White Crows Rising – The Singularity Archetype and the Event Horizon of Human Evolution

Evolutionary Spiral

White Crows Rising—- The Singularity Archetype and the Event Horizon of Human Evolution (Originally Chapter V of The Capsule of Intentionality) © 1996, 2009 by Jonathan Zap Edited by Austin Iredale Through a Glass Darkly When we talk about the future we attempt to look, through a glass darkly, at a landscape that is unknown and unformed. Prophecy is a …

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Looking Toward the Event Horizon The Singularity Archetype and the Metamorphosis of the Species

Spiral Dream Photo

© Jonathan Zap Edited by Austin Iredale (This article was published in Australian Magazine New Dawn on December 1st, 2008, and is reproduced here with their permission. In this version I have corrected a couple of factual errors in my recounting of the novel Childhood’s End This article is merely an introduction, if you prefer to go directly to my …

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THE CAPSULE OF INTENTIONALITY A Warrior’s Tool and Field Guide for Journeying into the Strange Wilderness of a New Millennium text and photos © 1996, 2004, 2011 by Jonathan Zap Note: Due to formatting loss when transferring over parts of this document over, many book and movie titles that should be italicized are not. 1. Introduction: Application for Human Incarnation …

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