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I’ve just finished a new work that is mostly about the Social Matrix: Confessions of a Self-Aware Starship  which is also available as a podcast.  As we have now entered the frenzy of commercial activity ramping up to the annual retail festival of 12/25, this may be an ideal time to encounter this work about the Social Matrix.

X MASS often constellates the  painful and disenchanting aspects of the Social Matrix as family pressures and romantic expectations intensify. As we all know, December has more suicides than any other month and depression is more likely to occur at X MASS than at any other time of the year. For many, it is a time when disenchantment with the values of the Social Matrix peaks.  I think what many people experience during X MASS is the wide gulf that so often exists between the packaged, romantic fantasy of what the Social Matrix is supposed to provide and what is actually experienced.  Even in the far future, when self-aware starships outnumber people. preoccupation with the Social Matrix continue to cause problems.  Instead of allowing the X MASS to eclipse your spirit, use the increased darkness of this time to gain a new perspective on the Social Matrix  by reading or listening to  Confessions of a Self-Aware Starship

Are you a careful reader of fiction who often notices clunky sentences and things that shouldn’t have gotten past an editor?  I could use  two or three volunteer editors to read book one of my fantasy series Parallel Journeys.   Austin Iredale is the superb editor of most of my nonfiction works, but he doesn’t feel qualified to edit fantasy fiction, a genre with which he has little acquaintance.  I would like to publish book one of Parallel Journeys soon, but it is such an experimental work that I want to get feedback from perceptive readers.  Your feedback could be as simple as putting an “AWK” next to sentences that don’t sound right.  Please let me know if you’d be interested in some volunteer editing of this work. I’d also love to hear what you think of  Confessions of a Self-Aware Starship since it is also a highly experimental work. Send feedback of any kind to [email protected]


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