Why Black Friday Matters

During the annual Thursday that I now call Black Friday Eve, my thoughts and feelings turn with joyous exuberance to this day that has come to remind us of what this country is all about and what really brings us together. Although some still feel that the annual retail festival of 12/25 is even more holy, I have come to view that date as merely a reminder that the next Black Friday is only 338 days away. Although Black Friday is mostly a day of much euphoric opportunity, I feel that it is also a day to gather together with some of our most cherished possessions, and remember those less fortunate than us who have fallen and been trampled while trying to be among the first to reap the greatly discounted retail harvests that most of us will enjoy through the grace and generosity of this day, a day that unifies us as a people with a feeling of common purpose. That’s why Black Friday matters.

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