Sith Culture—an Interview with Sean Moffitt about the Dark Side of the Force

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The new Star Wars film approaches and I think we should all be prepared for another propaganda film, told from the perspective of the Jedhi, that is going to slam Sith culture as usual. The Sith are a wonderful and diversified group of people who follow a religion of peace, Sithism, one of the great Force religions in the galaxy. The corporate media (Disney, Lucasfilm, etc.) will no doubt continue to stereotype them based on what a few extremists do. My friend Sean Moffitt has done extensive research into the complexity and diversity of Sith culture, though, to be honest, his perspective is somewhat biased by his reliance on Jedhi-influenced source material.

While the popular fantasy propaganda films would have you believe that the “dark side of the Force” is evil, it is actually just the Yin or feminine side of the Force.  You need both sides to have a phenomenal world so this perspective is an absurd case of Manichean Dualism where the universe is split in two by dangerous and naive minds (“You’re either with us or against us.”) The necessary interrelation of light and dark was best understood in Taoism and in the familiar Tai Chi or Yin-Yang symbol.


What many people don’t realize is that Taoism is merely the Chinese version of Sithism which inspired it. Sithism is the original nature-worshiping, peaceful Force faith that directly inspired Taoism.

The Sith, unlike the Jedhi, do not believe in heavy-handed coercion and propaganda to influence cultures (a fantasy version of this humane policy would later show up on Star Trek as the “prime directive”).  Many thousands of years ago, the Sith wanted a way to subtly influence the ancient Chinese to recognize the connection between light and dark and how, when properly combined, the light and dark (feminine) sides of the Force could work together to create a peaceful and harmonious lifestyle. To create the subtle message about the peaceful principles of Sithism, Sith geneticists engineered an improbable animal—the Panda,  an impossibly cute and lovable vegan creature that embodied the peaceful, nature loving way of the Sith. Its coloring was designed to show the interrelation and integration of the light and dark sides of the force.  Their subtle intervention worked and the ancient Chinese were inspired by the Panda to create Taoism which is, essentially the simplified, folk version of Sithism.

From the official Chinese tourism website:

“Panda in China was thought to be a physical manifestation of the Yin-Yang as its black and white spots, two colors standing in striking contrast to one another on its pelt. The panda’s placid nature is a demonstration of how Yin and Yang, when perfectly balanced, contribute to peace and harmony.”






When the Jedhi tried to invade the earth and suppress and brainwash all of its peoples, the Sith sent peace keeper forces to attempt to restrain the blood-thirsty imperialist incursions of the Jedhi. They modeled the uniforms of their  peace-keeping forces after the cuddly, vegan Pandas to show humans they were on a mission of peace and mercy.






Of course, as we all know, in these fantasy propaganda films, the Jedhi try to use the Hitler/Nazi card to blame the victim and in an absurd historical anachronism name the Sith peace-keeping troops “Imperial Storm Troopers.” This is the classic 180-degree reversal trick of mind control as George Orwell portrayed in 1984 where the Ministry of Truth building bears the slogans:




Now we would have to add something like:

Panda is Hitler

Orwell’s novel seems incredibly prophetic of the mind-warping manipulations of Lucas Films/Disney that want to portray the peace-loving, nature-worshiping, feminine-side-of-the-Force following Sith as  evil manipulators and the Imperialist, mind-tricking Jedhi as the “good guys.”

As twisted as these fantasy propaganda films are, elements of the actual history still manage to peek through. For example, Annakin was supposed to be the beloved protege of OB-Wan Kenobi, but as soon as he does something that OBL, sorry OB1, (I’ll leave it to others to point out the obvious connections between OBL (Osama Bin Laden) and OB1) doesn’t approve of, he cuts off his arm and legs, and while he is burning up in a lava pit, lectures him on what a disappointment Annakin is. But no one even comments on this extremely cruel and sadistic behavior  because the Jedhi are supposed to be the “good guys.”

Then you have the most cruelly twisted Jedhi propaganda reversal of actual history, the supposed “Death Star.” The Sith, as a nature worshipping, ecological, permaculturist society with advanced, space-faring technology sought a low-impact, sustainable way to travel through the galaxy. Eventually they created the Life Star, a giant biosphere filled with oceans and rainforests.


Thousands of pioneering Sith families, plus a sustainable bio-diversity of flora and fauna lived on board the Life Star until a couple of Jedhi terrorists blew it up,  killing tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children as well as a sustainable ecology of plants and animals. This was perhaps the single most tragic episode of galactic terrorism, but in the films the truth is reversed and the Jedhi are supposed to be heroes and the Life Star is made into a “Death Star” etc. The spherical shape of a space-faring biosphere is retained, but supposedly it is a giant weapons platform, even though actual space-based weapons platforms are never spherical, etc.

While many will be surprised to learn the true history of the Sith and Jedhi, there have always been groups of people who knew the truth. For example, the early Gnostics recognized the Jedhi mind tricks and referred to the Jedhi as the “Archons” whom they called “masters of deception.”  While most Christians took the crucifixion of Jesus as a literal, historical event, the Gnostic Christians recognized that it was a symbolic, myth. Jesus on the cross personified humanity as persecuted by the Jedhi. The nails in Christ’s hand and feet were a first-century representation of the cruel, impaling thrusts of Jedhi light sabers. As even comes across in the propaganda films, Jedhi prefer to cut off the hands and feet of their victims and allow them to slowly bleed out rather than finish them off in a more humane way with a thrust to the heart, etc.

Mainstream Christianity (i.e. Jedhi-mind-trick Christianity) had to repress the Gnostic Christians who were aware of the truth about the Jedhi. The Gnostics were aware that the entire Bible had been twisted by the Jedhi beginning with the book of Genesis. The so called “snake” or “serpent” entering the Garden of Eden was actually a Sith emissary who decided to go past the prime directive to bring humanity the truth about how they were being oppressed and deceived by the Jedhi. The Sith cultural ambassador (the “serpent” as he was defamed by Yahweh) was trying to offer us fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, exactly what you would expect from a loving, consciousness -raising cultural ambassador. But Yahweh, also called the “Demiurge,” the head of the Archons/Jedhi, forbade anyone from awakening humanity. He cut off the arms and legs of the Sith ambassador.  Once again, this is classic Jedhi punishment which we see even in the propaganda films—they love to cut off the extremities of victims with their light sabers so they can cackle demonically standing above them as they bleed out. In Genesis, Yahweh says to the “serpent” (the Sith Ambassador): “Because you have done this, you are cursed more than all cattle, and more than every beast of the field; on your belly you shall go, and you shall eat dust all the days of your life.” Obviously, he is cursing a person, not a snake, whose normal mode is to slither on the ground and his sadistic delight in cutting off the limbs of the Sith Ambassador with the cruel strokes of his light saber is all too obvious. Then Yahweh curses Eve, and all women, even though Eve had no knowledge of good or evil when she made her choice. Yahweh says,

To the woman he said, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.”

There is a simple reason why human females have to endure more pain in childbirth than other mammals: Evolution and the development of consciousness. Humans have larger brains/heads, but from the twisted point of view of the Jedhi oppressor that is a curse and punishment. They would prefer that we were pin-headed sheeple so that they can continue to rule over us with their mind tricks.

Disney is basically a modern, Jedhi-mind-tricked out version of Christianity. They took the Panda yin-yang and turned it into “Mickey Mouse”   mickey

The idea was to get American children to identify with a weak, prey animal so that they would accept Jedhi domination without question. “The meek shall inherit the earth,” etc.  Being crucified, martyred, preyed upon were made, via Orwellian Jedhi mind tricks, into virtues.


“Mouseketeers” —i.e. prey/sheeple willingly controlled by their Jedhi masters

For me, the false history of the Sith, and the continuing insidious (in-Sith-ious—etymologically an Old English Jedhi word for mind tricks to defame the Sith) bias again Sith-Americans is a personal one which relates to my family history. Below is a bust I inherited from my parents of my great-grandfather, Darth Zap, who was a Sith master in 19th-century Czarist Russia.

Darth Zap

“Darth Zap,” of course, was not the name he was born with, but an honorific bestowed on him by the Sith after he completed his apprenticeship. His original name was Elijah Zohar, and he came from a long lineage of Cabalistic scholars and Jewish Gnostics who knew the truth about the Jedhi and the Sith. He was named “Darth Zap” after he discovered the Force-Lightening technique.  As a pioneer developer of the Force-Lightening technique, he suffered many grievous injuries in the process of learning how to generate what is more properly known as “directed psychoid plasma.” His facial disfigurements were so severe that he eventually became the inventor of the breath mask which became a medical necessity for him due to severe facial lacerations, burns, etc. In the propaganda films we see a twisted version of the early history of human force lightening development in the deterioration of the Emperor’s face after he uses the technique. Properly used by modern Sith who follow a healthy, raw-foods vegan diet, the potential adverse health effects of the Force-Lightening technique are mitigated by supplementation with a regimen of of probiotics and anti-oxidants.

12/16/15  Based on some reactions I’ve gotten on my facebook thread, I don’t want to give the impression that I’m trying to idealize the Sith. I hate when people take an oppressed people and try to put them on a pedestal. A former student of mine, John Birong, who is now an ex-NYPD, asked on the FB thread,

“Hey Jon. Are Siths very sensitive? Do they get really upset when people challenge them on facebook and take down threads out of fear of confrontation?”

Probably John was using my thread to diss a mutual Sith acquaintance that John may have been trolling, but I responded as follows:

John, there are enough people slamming Siths and I’m trying to show the other side, but, yeah, they are not all saints, they are diverse group of people, and it is true that they are notoriously moody and sensitive. For example, one Sith I knew was very hyper-sensitive about his weight and when a friend gave him a fluffy sweater he thought it was a subtle dig at his body type and he got very passive-aggressive and neurotic about it. But he didn’t cut off the guy’s arms and legs with his light saber. So, yeah, some are a bit too neurotically sensitive for my taste. Having grown up in the Bronx, etc., I tend to prefer people who are straight up and I can be a bit confrontational and with the Sith it is sometimes hard to get them to just come out and say what’s bothering them. But sometimes this over-sensitivity thing can work to your advantage. They can be a bit sentimental so it’s easy to get a Sith to do what you want if you bring them a kitten or invite them for a candlelit dinner. Every Sith I’ve met goes crazy over chocolate and pistachios for whatever reason, biochemical I assume. But I try not to take advantage of their sensitivities and vulnerabilities because I know what they’ve been through with millennia of Jedhi persecution.


How many of you are familiar with the Berenstein bears? If you are then you may have just caught what might be a glitch in the matrix or a Force-based mind trick. Because those bears are now, and supposedly always have been, the BerenSTAIN bears. While I’m not usually a fan of conspiracy theories, this one, which suggests to some that we are living in simulated parallel realities is much more intriguing than most. posted an article about this.

Reliable sources in the Sith-American community (who asked not to be named but are allowing me to source them on deep background) have told me that what appears to be a matrix glitch is actually a rare, benign Sith intervention in collective human consciousness to further our evolution. The name of the bears has not shifted, but the Sith used a global mind pressure technique to plant a false memory in us that causes us to misremember the name of the bears as “Berenstein.” The purpose of this benevolent intervention is to show us that reality is largely an illusion and that we living in a Jedhi-manipulated matrix where nothing is as it seems and as we’ve been told.  The connection to the panda intervention millennia ago is obvious once you think about it. The Sith always try to be as nonthreatening as possible and in both cases  warm and fuzzy bears are involved.

Many people don’t realize that authentic, aboriginal cultures have recognized the benign and spiritual nature of the Sith from time immemorial. Amazonian shamans often wear traditional Sith masks in rainbow colors to celebrate love and the unity of all things in the spirit world.

rainbow vader

As this dramatization portrays, most Sith and their peacekeeping troops who wear Panda-styled defensive body armor (in the Jedhi fantasy/propaganda films “storm troopers”), are ordinary people just trying to get by and avoid Jedhi terrorism and mind tricks.



sith contemplate
Paul Lynchmankeo, contemplating the truth about Sith culture underlying the last thirty-eight years of Jedhi propaganda. photo by Jonathan Zap…/sith-culture-an-interview-wit…/

Sean Moffitt discusses Sith culture and social structure, their power and strategies, relative strengths, etc.

IMG_1160Jonathan Zap, interviewing Sith historian, Sean Moffitt

Other journalists and historians have started to work on revisionist histories of the Jedhi and Sith. See: We all Thought the Sith were Pure Evil but what if we were Wrong?  

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  1. I wouldn’t say I’m biased. I have my opinions, of course. And I’ve taken a big bite of the dark side since that interview. I would have made a horrible Jedi even if I am strong with the force.

  2. Dude. I want to like you and know you’re not an idiot. But drop the Star Wars crap. Come back to reality. What in the fuck. There may be aliens. There may be a lot of shit going down. But linking it to a made up series just negates all the progress in awareness and positive movement towards understanding.

  3. I have to ask, you don’t actually believe any of this to be historical fact do you?

    There are words similar to Jedi and Sith (see Egyptian D’jedi for example) but they have absolutely no relation to jediism and sithism, which are almost exclusively adaptations of philosophy from the films by George lucas and others. One example being Neitzche.

    I don’t ask to be rude, simply I continue to see false histories propogated by both Jedi and Sith, similar to this one, and not only do they make both look unsavory, but they de-legitimatize the actual philosophies and religions.

    So I’m asking out of genuine curiosity, what’s with this article? Is it for fun?

    Hopefully you respond.

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