Rabbit-Hole Navigation Skills—Free Video Guide for Orienteering in Zones of High Strangeness

Note: the Guidebook Is A Youtube Playlist of Three Videos  The first video was filmed at the amazing Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico Parts Two and Three at Zap Oracle International Headquarters in Boulder, Colorado

Explore the ultimate rabbit-hole:

Looking Across the Event Horizon and into the Singularity

Explore the Rabbit Hole of the Facebook Matrix (a Youtube version of this sci-fi word movie will be added soon):  Home is Where your Timeline is—A Sci-Fi Word-Movie Journey into the Facebook Matrix

WARNING: You are currently living in a Rabbit Hole that is a disgrace, a disaster, pathetic, sick, stupid, crooked, failing and sad. See:

Dispatches from the Trumpocalypse

Some of the topics and skills covered in Rabbit Hole Navigation:

How do you stay oriented and keep your moral grounding in an age of accelerating evolutionary metamorphosis?

Why reality-testing has become politically incorrect (and not just amongst fundamentalist and right-wing factions but also in New Age circles, festivals and subcultures).

Archetype possession and its classic symptoms—ego inflation, literalism, messianic delusion, proselytizing, etc.

How to work with archetypes and the collective unconscious without getting possessed

The trickster aspect of the paranormal and the discernment skills needed to work with  synchronicities, dreams, visions, charismatic experiences and paranormal occurrences without over reading them or being misled in various other ways.

Anti-rationality and the pre/trans fallacy

Connect the Dotism—how to detect patterns without spinning yourself into ever-more obsessive/paranoid webs

The conflation of skepticism with debunkerism and the origins of true skepticism in Greek philosophy

Working with ambiguity and avoidance of confirmation bias, premature closure, halo effects and other cognitive blind spots

The need for a strong moral compass and reliable allies who share a commitment to consciousness

Red flags to be wary of when relating to fellow explorers and purported guides, gurus, teachers, light-workers, walk-ins, channelers, mystics, sages, starseeds, etc

The “elder” fallacy and how to evaluate those who claim special lineages, off-planet connections, prophetic abilities, etc.

The crucial importance of “shadow” integration

The psychology of apocalypticism  

Wariness about materialist, pseudo-skeptic types with delusions of objectivity—-

Scientism versus science, and why so many scientists and institutions have an irrational and bias against paranormal phenomena and research

These are some of the skills I’ve learned from the last forty years of navigating rabbit holes. The adult phase of this work began in 1978, when I was 20 and in my last year of college. I set out to see if I could find a connecting link between my own paranormal experiences, obsessions, and parallel themes and images emerging from popular culture. In other words, I put himself into a nexus of all the rabbit holes I had ever known and tried to find a way through. 

Fortunately, help came from the master navigator of rabbit holes—-Carl Jung, who provided, through his collected works, crucial tools and guidelines that allowed me to make a life-changing discovery—- what I call the “the Singularity Archetype,” an emergent archetype that relates to the evolutionary metamorphosis of both species and individual. By May of 1978, the newly discovered roadmap through the nexus of rabbit holes became a philosophy honors paper entitled, “Archetypes of a New Evolution,”and in 2012, I published the much more developed version, Crossing the Event Horizon, Human Metamorphosis and the Singularity Archetype.

While I’ve written more than a hundred articles and essays relevant to rabbit hole navigation, most of the basic principles can be found in the following essays (which can also be listened to in their YouTube versions):

Explore the ultimate rabbit-hole:

Looking Across the Event Horizon and into the Singularity

 Reality Testing is Politically Incorrect

Carnival 2012—a Psychological Study of the 2012 Phenomenon and the Twenty-Two Pitfalls and Blindspots of Esoteric Research

Dynamic Paradoxicalism—the Anti-Ism Ism

Problems with the Conspiratist Worldview


There are certain moments when in the midst of rabbit hole navigation, amidst the slippery, treacherous suctions and impelling forces of creative obsessions, amidst the shadowy woods that are so lovely, dark and deep and hold promises you want to keep–

—-amidst the subterranean tremors reverberating from the howling chaos of Trumpocalypse roiling across the dense surface of the world far above—there are always those certain moments of clarity—


—when you look up and see the labyrinthine journey of ever-shifting improbabilities is actually working, and that though the journey is the destination, you are also actually getting somewhere and may even be able to offer maps, maps that generate their own territory and may one day be of use to other navigators . . .

Apologies to Robert Frost, more maps coming soon.


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