Path of the Numinous Podcast

“If you give birth to the genius within you, it will free you. If you do not give birth to the genius within you, it will destroy you.”

— Jesus, The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

A new podcast is available:

The Path of the Numinous—Living and Working with the Creative Muse

My most autobiographical essay, this is my offering on how to enhance your relationship to the creative muse. Expect lots of (I think) interesting tangents.  The podcast has significantly more material than the written essay, while the written essay has some new quotes I just found at the very end. This podcast should sound a lot better than the earlier ones but there is some sibilance. If anyone knows where I can get some inexpensive sibilance filtering software for MAC/Garageband please let me know.  Send feedback to: [email protected]

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