Hungry Ghosts Amongst Us?

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I just had an all night experience in the dream time that seems highly related to the mind parasite subject. Usually we cycle in and out of REM sleep, with larger portions of REM clustering near the end of the sleep cycle. Last night’s dream was unusual, even neurologically,  in that it seemed  to be continuous throughout most of the night. Dreams, by the way, usually last about as long as they seem to last, the notion of instantaneous dreams—-which dates back to an anecdotal account of a Frenchman’s dream in the 19th Century—has been disproved by modern sleep research.

When the dream begins I am hanging out in some sort of building where a basement construction project is happening.  Some floor boards are missing and beneath them I see glimpses of a gigantic sub basement where there are large metallic industrial looking forms and heavy equipment, much more space and material than one would expect from the shoddy look of the above ground parts of the building.  Somehow I am told, or otherwise learn, that there is a secret project going on in the basement that involves research into humans and aliens interacting. Of course I am very interested, and somehow get myself included and find myself in this basement area.

At first there appears to be some kind of military like training going on preparing people for the immense paradigm and bodily shock of encountering aliens. The set up seems very reminiscent of the beginning of Whitely Strieber’s recently published novel, The Grays, a fictionalized account of his knowledge and close encounters with what he calls “ the visitors .” I haven’t read the entire novel, but did listen to his excellent reading of the first three chapters of The Grays which is probably still available on his website, In the opening of The Grays, as during this military training, the aliens are so other that they are hard for our senses to perceive, and there is risk of fatal allergic shock if a human gets too close.

But when I get past this training I am led into a space that looks like a College cafeteria, and in contrast to the training the aliens are easy to perceive and seem to be interacting, even mingling, with humans. The aliens look entirely human except that they have no body hair, are pale and rather anemic looking with more translucent than normal skin with blue veins showing, etc. They look similar to albinos with no body hair. They are interspersed with humans, sitting close to them on cafeteria table benches, and there seems to be ordinary social interactions and eye contact occurring. There seems to be a degree of mutual interest, curiosity and respectful, very slightly shy social interaction as if the aliens were a group of foreign exchange students.  I wonder if there might be romantic or even sexual interaction going on.

I stand there studying the human/ alien interaction and suddenly have an intuitive realization:  These are not extraterrestrial aliens, these are dead people who are reanimating themselves through contact with living people.

As the dream continues, the situation seems much less military/scientific and more and more cultic and conspiratorial. There are quite a number of interesting looking people caught up in this, some of them the more creative/aware sort of people I sometimes call “mutants,” as well as more ordinary people, and I am on a mission to awaken them to how they are being deceived.  I am careful, however, not to present my POV adamantly and talk about it as a theory, a possible alternative, and feel that will be enough to awaken those who have had parallel intuitions.

In conducting my mission I seem to be following a hierarchical order, attempting to contact the most aware individuals I can find first. I begin by placing a cell phone call to my friend and colleague, John Major Jenkins, whom I have seen previously in the compound, but after a few seconds of talk the connection goes dead and I sense that the call is being blocked.  I walk to where, in the dream, John has an apartment and there are people in there who might be government agents who tell me that John has just left for a couple of weeks of travel. Next I go to find someone I know in the waking life who is a philosophy professor at CU, and this contact is similarly blocked.

Following these blocked contacts I seem to have a bit more success contacting particular “mutants” whom I haven’t previously met, but seem like the most creative and aware people around. My contacts are always one on one and I  try to be careful to explain my alternative with no random people over hearing. One contact is a highly conscious artist who has created some extraordinary paintings. One of the paintings, which appears animated, has a surreal collage of burning Gothic churches, stained glass windows and fugitive figures. I point out to this artist that his paintings show a symbolic/metaphorical realization of my alternative possibility and he seems receptive to my theory. I point out to him that there are a number of adolescents around whom we have both observed trancing out listening on headphones to tapes provided by this cultic organization. I point out to him that in the Eighties I used some of the first “hemi-synch” (brain hemisphere synchronization) tapes developed by an organization that I later found to be too cultic for my tastes, and whose tapes employed subliminal cues. I explained that we didn’t know, and the adolescents didn’t know, what sort of subliminals might be embedded in the tapes they were listening to. A small group seems to be forming around us, and not wanting to draw random attention I move onto someone else. I seem to be descending in the hierarchy of contacts, and feel a warning sense of danger when I observe that my last contact has accidentally on purpose wandered away from me, not really wanting to hear the message.

Now I am surrounded by dangerous looking inner city people. One of them is holding onto my coat and they seem to be feeling me out as possible prey or have been assigned by the cult to take me out. I point toward a carousel like platform where I was talking to my last contact and where there is a density of people at the center of the space we are in which seems like a plaza or town square but with a very high domed ceiling. I tell them that is where I am going, pull my coat away from the grasp of the thug, and move toward the center of the plaza to find safety in numbers.

As soon as I woke up I turned on my computer, made some yerba maté while it was booting up, and was intent on writing up the dream immediately. But when I sat down in front of the computer I had a strong intuition that I should check my email first because I sensed there would be an email waiting for me that would be related to the dream. There was such an email, from someone I don’t know but who had found my website and contacted me briefly once before about mind parasite attacks. All I know about him is that he is a student and involved with the Hare Krishna. Here is the most relevant part of the email:

There seems to be some reason why i cant see on a certain part of the realm, especialy when i consciously leave my body. Those nasty characters i briefly explained seem to exist there. they seem humanish. Some of them suck and have holes in their heads that have a tremendious sucktion. it seems pitch black in that place. But i could feel them, not the sucking ones the other ones, they have these devices that they put into the stomach chakra, sometimes up my but through my eye or through my heart chakra. They sometimes have like 2 conducting rods that they take the energy with. I caught them drilling into me a few times aswell. This morning they dragged me on this chair and some device came to my crown chakra. i threw them off me, they don’t seem all that physically strong, but there seems to be a lot of them. i think they are exceptionaly technologicaly advanced. Prior to this event i had found myself in this seemingly dark realm practically every time i consciously leave my body. Sometimes their are cords attached to parts of my body. A few times when i make the request to go somewhere i feel i am pulled along by some machine. The one time i was feeling around in the seeming darkness and found that indeed it was a machine that was also clicked into my heart chakra. when i arrived at what i “thought” was my destination after hearing a hissing sound, like almost an ion proppelled vehicle. I could hear the sound of focussed air or something comming from somewhere nearby. That same time i felt there was an “metal” arm – that one might find on a rollercoaster- that had a button on it- i could just feel it, couldnt see as usual. i pushed the button and it snapped onto my chakra and these cords started messing around on my head. it was difficult to get back into my body.

Sometimes i lye at night trying to see God or something spiritual. sometimes the blackness opens, to reveal a beautifuly colored setting, smiling ducks etc , but then a character quickly closes it, i can sometimes see that dark character sillhoetted against the colorful opening of the fabric.

my theory is somewhat similar to your one about these beings being apart of material nature helping us to remember we are not meant to be here, that we are meant to “evolve” or revolve back to our original spiritual state. It seems they may be devices that God uses in order to keep us from enjoying the material energy. Iv got a Hare Krsna backround, so it does fit into the paradigm. Its just realy weird when you catch them doing things to you. Personaly i believe they are at it all the time

This email had a number of parallels to my dream.  He describes the “nasty characters” as seeming “humanish ” but his experience with them has much in common with many of the alien abduction accounts in that they sometimes employ anal probes—“ they have these devices that they put into the stomach chakra, sometimes up my but through my eye or through my heart chakra .”  In other ways, his description of the “humanish” figures sounds like descriptions of aliens: “ i think they are exceptionaly technologicaly advanced…. hearing a hissing sound, like almost an ion proppelled vehicle.”

In his account we have parasitic entities that seem “humanish,” but who also have alien-like aspects. In my dream there is a cultic like atmosphere and the young student is a member of the Hare Krishna, a group that many, including myself, find to be cultic, even if more benign than most cults.

I have already written extensively about the “hungry ghost” theory of mind parasites. This is discussed in my introductory essay:

Here is a brief excerpt:

One intriguing theory of origin is presented by Dr. Samuel Sagan ( ). Dr. Samuel Sagan is an MD with considerable clinical experience dealing with this sort of pathology. According to his theory, at the time of human death, there are denser, darker fragments of consciousness that remain behind after the spirit departs the body. Dr. Sagan believes that many traditional funeral practices, especially those involving cremation, were originally designed to destroy these fragments. These lingering incomplete fragments of consciousness do not have their own direct connection to pranic or life energy, but must parasitically attach themselves to those that do. This seems similar to the Buddhist concept of the “hungry ghost.” The Sanskrit word for this type of entity is “preta.”

Sagan writes,

“The topic is both old and new. Old, because in all traditions and folklores of the earth, one finds references to spirits and non-physical beings which can interfere with human beings. Thus Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, is divided into eight sections, one of which is entirely devoted to the study of bhutas, or entities, their influence on health and sanity, and the ways one can get rid of them. This places bhuta-vidya, or ‘science of entities’, on the same level as surgery or gynecology. If we look at traditional Chinese medicine, we find that in acupuncture, among the 361 points of the 14 main meridians, 17 have the word Kuei (disincarnate spirit) as part of their main or secondary name.”

See: Energy Parasites—The Sagan View

There is a principle of logic known as Occham’s Razor which may support Sagan’s theory somewhat. Occham’s Razor says that hypotheses are not multiplied without necessity. In other words, we don’t adopt fancy, complex explanations where simpler ones seem to suffice. If there are energy parasites (for many this is a big if) and since they seem to both understand and be perfectly adapted to feeding off of human energy, instead of suggesting a more exotic theory of origin, say extraterrestrial or interdimenisonal parasites hunting through the multiverse, we can simplify our hypothesis by having us, human beings, whom we know exist, as the source of the parasite.

In one of  my DVDs,  I think it was Looking Toward the Event Horizon, I discussed some of the evidence that the “visitors” (which people describe in abduction experiences) might be dead people. Terence McKenna made similar suggestions and pointed out that when Amazonian shamans were shown pictures of grey aliens they responded, “Oh, the ancestors.” Terence also applied Ocham’s Razor and suggested that if we were looking for a source for an ecology of humanoid entities that we should consider our own species, the one source that we know for sure exists, and therefore the “aliens” may be dead people.

Quite a number of cultures recognized a problem with etheric remnants of dead people forming a parasitic connection to the living. See: Energy Parasites—The Sagan View

The Sagan view emphasizes a view of these parasitic remnants as primitive, mechanical and rather automatic in their functioning. Elsewhere, however, we see evidence of parasitic discarnate entities capable of very sophisticated manipulation of both individual humans and the entire species.  The Gnostic description of the Archons, for example, see:

And also in reports of the channeling phenomenon, see:

In the dream, the aliens are first described as extremely other and exotic, but look entirely human when encountered.  As the dream continues we don’t see any aliens at all, but I encounter human beings whose minds seem to be manipulated by an unseen force.  This progression seems to support the mind parasite hypothesis which suggests that much human pathology, on both the collective and the individual scale, is influenced by unseen parasitic entities.  As in the dream, perceptions of what is happening are to be found in visionary art work see:

Many of David Lynch’s films—-Fire Walk With Me, the first season of Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive are consciously about the mind parasite theme.

The unseen aspect is reinforced by the discussion of the subliminal tapes affecting adolescents.  Sometimes mind parasites are transmitted by concrete cultural memes—subliminal (or explicit) manipulators embedded in advertisements—while other manipulations may occur in less concrete modalities.  (See the linked documents and my audio presentation, The Mind Parasite Matrix, for supporting evidence, first and second hand encounters, theoretical underpinnings, etc.).

Modern science has been unable to explain either what mind is or where it is. Many people never examine their presumption that they are alone in their minds. But there is voluminous evidence that we are not alone in our minds, our minds float in a collective space and that space is formed not merely by the six billion or so presently living human minds.  I am increasingly convinced that much of the darkness we experience in our descent into history is influenced by unseen minds interested in harvesting human energy.

As the dream points out, only those who have had parallel intuitions will be receptive to this theory, but it also suggests I am safer being public and in the center of the town plaza with what I have learned.  So here it is, and I look forward to hearing parallel intuitions, dissenting points of view or any other type of feedback.

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  1. Hello Jon,

    I am very interested in the Mind Parasite phenomenon, but more from a transpersonal psychology point of reference. I have been a student and practitioner of Zen for decades, also working in the Diamond Heart tradition of A. H. Almaas, who speaks of the power of the superego, the inner critic, and how it is a barrier to true Soul awakening. I am also doing workshops and individual teaching in the work of Douglas Harding, the Man with no Head. In daily life, I work with people through Soul Centred Astrology and Tarot (Thoth deck only) & also am a ‘spiritual’ artist and

    That’s enough about me…………may I say thank you for your erudite articles on Mind Parasites. I googled the term and found you. Read the book long ago and vividly remember the power of the metaphor, despite the somewhat rambling tone of the story. Have been thinking a lot about these matters, because of the fear and anxiety which seem to be taking over people’s lives in these chaotic times, especially the ‘sensitives.’

    I was especially interested in your first hand story about vampire Nicholas. In the course of doing 1,000’s of readings over the past 20 some years with clients from all cultures, countries, and belief systems I have heard similar stories, and found then fascinating. My own journey has shown that that the inner gremlins are indeed very real and totally ruthless, however I believe them to be part of the negative energy in the collective unconscious and the individual unconscious as well. I have difficulty with seeing them as aliens, or other dimensional beings. Almaas talks about the different levels of the Void, the dark holes in our psyche that we try to fill from outside, and that certainly is a vampiric neediness for others and their energy. I believe that the gremlins, or demons are, like ancient Cerberus, guardians and barriers to the deeper and infinitely rich treasures of the Soul. If we could learn to deal more effectively with them, we could indeed evolve more quickly as a species.

    Many people who do long meditation retreats in the Zen tradition run into these barriers, and in the midst of the long dark night these terrors become all too real, therefore the teachers call them ‘Makyo’ or illusionary encounters. The Roshi will encourage the student to keep working, to see them as passing phenomena, to bring them into the light of consciousness. As the long retreat deepens and Pure Awareness is made manifest, the nightmares vanish with the Dawn. The Buddha, of course, wrestled with Mara before his great Awakening.

    Well I could ramble on and on…..but for now will end with thanks once again for your rich website and insights. Keep the energy clear brother!


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