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Entity Possession—Freeing the Energy Body of Negative Influences by Samuel Sagan, M.D. ( is an important examination of the energy/mind parasite phenomena by an M.D. with a great deal of clinical experience. The book contains numerous interesting transcripts of dialogues between Dr. Sagan and patients he treats for energy parasites.

Essentially, Dr. Sagan believes that most parasitic entities are rather mechanical “ astral fragments ” remaining from deceased human beings. These fragments attach themselves to a human host and drain vitality. Typically their effects are observable as cravings for specific types of food, alcohol and other drugs, sexual compulsions and exacerbated negative emotions.

Early on, Dr. Sagan confronts the possibility that the entities are actually psychological aspects mistaken for external agents,

When considering the topic of entities, one important question usually comes to mind: Are these entities not simply parts of the client’s psyche? Are they not merely unresolved complexes, subpersonailites, or parts of the client’s “shadow”?

…When dealing with entities, however, their subjective experience is different. In particular, an entity gives a much greater feeling of separateness than a subpersonality. When exploring an entity, clients often make comments such as “It does not feel like myself,” “It feels foreign,” “It is a parasite,” “It has not always been inside,” “It has taken residence, but it does not belong here.” Moreover, subpersonalities are considerably more complicated than entities. An entity is usually an unsophisticated “lump” of energy and consciousness with simple and predictable behavioral patterns.

Dr. Sagan references Taoist concepts which he relates to the phenomenon (“ Po ” has to do with the emotional body and “Hun” has to do with spirituality and intellect),

… Po and the Hun are said to separate at death in way that parallels the astral shattering described in the next chapter. In the Chinese model, the Po remain bound to the earth after death, due to their descending polarity, whereas the Hun, due to their upward moving tendency, ascend to the spiritual worlds, following the Shen (which is equivalent of the Higher Self). After death, once the separation of the different parts constituting a human being has taken place, these parts are no longer called Po and Hun, but kuei and Shen….

…The ancient Chinese spoke of the kuei as “wandering souls” or remnants of the dead—unsatisfied, greedy spirits. The kuei need to be fed and pacified with offerings, otherwise they start harassing the living.

This ancient Chinese idea is obviously very close to the “hungry ghosts” or “pretas” described in Buddhist tradition. Sagan continues,

In ancient China , the kuei were not only part of the literature or folklore, but were also part of daily life. In all trades and areas of life, it was customary to take the kuei into account and perform rituals to protect oneself against their pernicious actions… the art of medicine, for instance, recognized kuei as one of the factors that can create disease. Thus, among the 361 points of the fourteen main meridians of acupuncture, seventeen have the word kuei as part of their main or secondary names…

What happens to the kuei in the long run? According to the ancient Chinese, the kuei are not immortal. Their existence is limited, and lasts only until their vitality is exhausted. Afterward, they dissolve. What belongs to the earth returns to the earth, is composted and reintegrated in the universal cycle of energies.

From Dr. Sagan’s point of view, natural or man-made disasters are particularly dangerous for energy parasite acquisition,

…..natural disasters, such as earthquakes, or man-made ones, such as battles, war, and fires. Moreover, from what we have described about the shattering of the astral body after death, we can see that any catastrophe that kills tens or hundreds of thousands of people will be followed by the release of a tidal wave of astral fragments.

This is an extremely interesting theory, and I have long noted that some of the symptoms of posttraumatic stress, particularly in war veterans, present many aspects of mind parasite infestation.

In Mind Parasites, Energy Parasites and Vampires I describe a number of connections between the mind parasite phenomenon and the moon. Dr. Sagan points out that the ancient Chinese, as well as Tibetan and Indian masters, consider the new and full moons as dangerous times for sexual intimacy, even without orgasm or ejaculation. Taoists also discourage therapeutic acts during the full moon such as acupuncture, surgery and dental procedures. Chinese, Hindus and many other cultures consider menstruation (which follows a lunar cycle) a dangerous time for sexual intercourse.

Parasitic entities are recognized by many cultures as a possible cause of physical and psychological illness,
Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, makes a clear distinction between the cases of insanity due to internal factors and those brought on by the pernicious influence of certain nonphysical beings.

One of Dr. Sagan’s clients gave a description of her parasite that had a striking parallel to the parasite I encountered in the second case history presented inMind Parasites, Energy Parasites and Vampires. The client reports,

“At home he makes me drink a lot of coffee, listen to loud music, and invite a lot of people over. If I can’t do that he makes me panic, He hates it when I mediate. If I mediate he turns into a white spiral and spins.”

And here is the description from my essay, written long before I read Sagan’s book:

There was a parasitic entity in the sleeping loft hovering just bellow the roof near our feet. It was like a dark lenticular cloud, or vortex, with a somewhat double convex lens shape similar to the way a spiral galaxy looks from a great distance. My visual perception of it was not definite; it was dark and amorphous with fractal boundaries and rotating movement.

Dr. Sagan emphasizes the fragmentary and mechanical nature of the entities he observes,

Another fact we have observed is that entities are usually singularly focused, polarized in one narrow direction and always wanting the same things or repeating the same emotions. This also indicates that they are not the whole of the dead person but only a fragment corresponding to one particular character of theirs.

Later he remarks,

Remember, fragments are basically stupid. All they can do is repeat the same emotional reactions endlessly.

Dr. Sagan is also very confident that most parasites can be easily treated,

From the point of view of the clearer, the fragments and various other entities that we have seen so far are insignificant. If one has received the proper training, removing them is about as easy as taking a pebble out of a bucket. Once the client has observed the entity for a few days, as explained in chapter 14, the clearing doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Then the entity is recycled in such a way that it will never invade anyone else. Altogether, if a qualified clearer is available, having an entity is preferable to having a sore back: the treatment is painless and quick, and once cleared the entity never comes back. For this reason, I prefer to use the word clearing rather than exorcism , as the latter is shrouded in a folklore that is totally irrelevant in the context of this work. There is nothing demonic at all about these insignificant parasites. In 99 percent of all cases, an entity could never be called evil. It is just an energy in the wrong place, like the bacteria that are beautifully in place in a compost heap but totally undesirable in your small intestine.

Near the end of the book, Dr. Sagan discusses the 1% of cases he investigates where other sorts of entities seem to be involved, and this is the closest point of connection between this book and Joe Fisher’s The Siren Call of the Hungry Ghosts (see my review at

This chapter is entitled “Possession and Extraordinary Entities.” Unfortunately, I am afraid there is nothing extraordinary at all in mistaking an entity for a spirit-guide. This has become only too common these days, when “talking to one’s spirit-guides” is increasingly regarded as a sign of status, just as credit cards or membership in certain clubs used to be. My perception is that many of the people who presently think they are in contact with a spirit guide are in reality in contact with nothing more than an entity.

Dr. Sagan’s book is an extremely important exploration of the energy parasite phenomenon. His approach is no nonsense and there is no sense of self aggrandizement in tone or content. The entities described in this book are, like the ones in The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts, parasites, but the difference in intelligence and complexity is quite dramatic. The closest corroborating experience from my own investigations relate to the physical cravings associated with the parasites. I have long noted that there seems to be a parasitic influence oriented toward creating a hypercaloric metabolism that “burns at a redder color temperature,” as I have referred to it, due to the ingestion of high glycemic carbs, alcohol, spicy, salty foods, meats, etc. Similarly, there are influences to create negative thoughts, emotions, darker sexual passions and deeds.

Some observed behavior of parasitic entities reveals a high level of intelligence and complexity, but that does not mean that there are not other parasitic entity species that are of a much simpler, more mechanical kind as Dr. Sagan describes. Wherever we find life, we find multiple parasite species.

I highly reccomend this book to anyone making a serious study of the subject. Dr. Sagan’s school trains people to remove energy parasites and their website is

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