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W’s Victory is Actually Good News!

Copyright 2004 by Jonathan Zap Yes, like most of you, like all of you who have any hope of remaining on my email mailing list, I felt upset about the election news. I felt like someone looking forward to four years of chemotherapy with a prognosis of agonizing death, felt like a 100 year old coal miner with sever rheumatoid …

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Jihad Against the Feminine

Subjugation and abuse of women is one of the most critical social issues in all of human history. Violent oppression of women has been, and remains, a serious obstacle to the full intellectual growth and evolution of the human species. In recent years the subservient position of women suffering under Islamic regimes has become somewhat common knowledge in the western world where most people seem familiar with the oppression of women, particularly in Afghanistan. Yet for so many women and girls living in Islamic and Hindu communities, reality is far worse than what most westerners imagine. This eye-opening article is by Sean Moffitt of the Women's Assistance Fund

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Dreams and Reality, Nightmares

© 2000 Jonathan Zap Dreams and “Reality” The heart has two phases, contraction and expansion, systole and diastole. Mammal incarnation has two phases it cycles through on a daily basis — waking and dreaming. We are interdimensional travelers, arriving from another dimension at birth, departing to other dimensions at death. The cycle of the day recapitulates the cycle of a …

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Energy Parasites-the Sagan View


Entity Possession---Freeing the Energy Body of Negative Influences by Samuel Sagan, M.D. (clairvision.org) is an important examination of the energy/mind parasite phenomena by an M.D. with a great deal of clinical experience.

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Zap Quotes

My friend Rob Brezsny asked me to pick out some quotations from my writings that he could feature in his newsletter. I did, but most of the ones he came up with were ones he found himself. Here’s an excerpt from his newsletter, followed by the quotes that I came up with.

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