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It’s that time of year again, the solstice, December 21st when the mainstream media and global elites tell us once again that “winter” has to begin.

And yet, most people, if they are honest, hate winter.  For must of us, Winter does not even make it into the top-ten list of favorite seasons. If you think about coolness versus uncoolness, what’s hot and what’s not, you can come to only one conclusion: Summer is hot, Winter is not. And it’s not just that Winter is uncool, obnoxious and inconvenient. Winter kills. Think of the road deaths, the homeless that freeze, the mountain climbers killed by avalanches, the people that ski into trees. In the wild, winter is the ultimate mass murderer killing more animals and plants than any other force.

Snow is a major toxic byproduct of winter. If snow were manmade it would be considered the most dangerous form of hazardous waste ever invented. Think of the environmental damage. Think of the gargantuan carbon footprint of the extra fossil fuel consumption in the form of home heating oil. People talk about the apocalyptic scenario of  “nuclear winter.” But what about regular winter? Think for a moment what it would be like if regular winter continued indefinitely. We would all starve and freeze to death.

And yet, the truth that the mainstream media and global elites don’t want you to know is that winter is  actually a total hoax.

Have you ever really stopped for a minute to think about what causes winter, especially in a time of global warming? Let’s think about it right now. Let’s think about the opposite of Winter. What causes warmth? That’s right, the sun causes warmth. More sun, more warm, less sun, less warmth. This explains the familiar reality that nighttime is less warm than daytime. This is all just common sense, right? OK, so how come the Winter Solstice, when the days start to get longer, when there is more sun, is considered the first day of Winter, instead of, as it should be, the first day of Spring? This is the kind of obvious fact they don’t want you to think about. Every day between now and June 21 we are getting more and more sun but it keeps getting colder. In fact, we’re told that January and February are supposed to be the coldest months.

So if we are getting more sun, why do we get more Winter and why does it get colder and colder? This is an obvious logical fallacy. If you think for yourself you’ll realize that winter has got nothing to do with the sun, the sun is increasing, the sun is doing its job, it’s doing everything it can to prevent winter. So what’s really causing winter, since it obviously has nothing to do with the sun?

Remember what New Age visionaries have taught us: YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY.

Winter has nothing to do with the sun and everything to do with negative human attitudes.

That’s right, winter is 100% created by the human mind set, the collective human ego and the reverse power of negative thinking.

But the negative attitude we have that assumes (making an ass of u and me) that there has to be Winter is not our fault. We’ve been brainwashed into believing it by the mainstream media and global elites.

Wake up sheeple, connect the dots, follow the money trail . . . Who benefits the most from Winter far more than anyone else?

Exactly. Big Oil. For millennia the fossil fuel industry has perpetuated the winter hoax to drive up the demand for home heating oil and natural gas.

Think about it for a minute. What part of this earth doesn’t get a Winter? I’ll give you a hint: When was the last time you heard some say, “I’m going to Saudi Arabia for a skiing weekend,” or, “This year we’re celebrating Christmas in Yemen?”Have you ever stopped to think about why the Middle East doesn’t have to endure a winter like we do? It’s pretty obvious once you think about it: Because the Middle East is where oil comes from! They’re swimming in oil down there. Do the Saudis need to artificially increase domestic demand for oil? Of course not. They make their money by exporting oil, not by domestic consumption. They profit by letting us buy into the Winter hoax so that we’ll pay through the nose for extra home heating oil while they eat our lunch under palm trees and laugh all the way to the bank .

Ever since we’ve were children we’ve been brainwashing into believing in the winter hoax. And this time of year the brainwashing is nonstop.  Go to any mall and you’ll hear piped in music with lyrics like,  “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow,”  and, “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas.” Who’s dreaming of a white Christmas? Big Oil is. A White Christmas is their wet dream and they can use every form of corporate media brainwashing to get you dreaming of it too. Ever notice how at this time of year when the Solstice has arrived and Winter should be on the way out that you start to see all these cute nativity scenes with the three wise men trudging through the snow to visit the baby Jesus in this cute snow-covered barn? They want you to equate Christianity with Winter. But according to Biblical archeologists Jesus was born in August in the Middle East where they don’t get snow at any time of year. So where  exactly did this annual retail festival of December 25th with all its winter motifs come from? Connect the dots. Big oil doesn’t want you out on the beach playing volleyball, they want you driving your car to the oil-heated shopping mall. Jesus didn’t say anything about Santa Claus or dreaming of a white Christmas. Rip the mask off old Saint Nick and you’ll find a big oil executive laughing at you.

So what is Winter really?

Winter is the icicle in your mind you can’t get out, the season that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you to the truth . . .


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