A Field Guide for Rulers of Planets in the Apachion System

last updated: 7.22.19 online version: http://zaporacle.com/2019/04/03/planetaryguide


  1. Your deed, scale model and portal to your associated planet in the Apachion System of the Mysterium Galaxy

  2. Characteristics of the Mysterium Galaxy.

  3. Characteristics and Resources of Planets in the Apachion System

  4. Reported Health Benefits of Living on an Apachion Planet

  5. Risks and Costs Associated with Space Travel

  6. Use of Translocation Techniques to Travel to an Apachion Planet

  7. Transpatial Co-Evolutionary Symbiosis with an Apachion Planet Including Subcreation, Life Form and Species Creation

1.Your deed, scale model and portal to your associated planet in the Apachion System of the Mysterium Galaxy

We all know that Pluto was demoted from planet status due to its insufficient size, so obviously the sphere you have been given is not the “actual” planet in a volumetric sense, but it also is the planet in both a legal and essential microcosmic sense as will  be explained forthwith.

The micro-crystalline sphere you now own could be considered an exquisitely-realized scale model or miniaturized simulacrum of the full-size planet it parallels, but it is actually far more than that.

The technical term for such a parallel planet is a “cryptocrystaline-matrixed microcosmic global portal and deed.”

 From an inter-galactic legal perspective, it is technically considered to “be” the associated planet as possession of this sphere legally entitles the authenticated planet holder to exclusive rights to the associated full-size planet.

Parallel planets are manufactured by the Planeting Guild through a highly-sophisticated proprietary process no one has ever been able to counterfeit.

Only the basics of this process are known to anyone other than the exclusive and secretive Parallel-Planeting Smiths Sub-Guild of the Planeting Guild.

Here’s what we do know:

Advanced AI Robotic Survey Drones map the topography of the planet as well as scan, analyze and reconstitute all organic and inorganic constituents of the planet. Lander drones take sample compounds and mircro-crystals regionally distributed on the planet and then Planet Smiths infuse these substances into a micro-crystalline matrix to form the sphere so that it is not just an accurate visual simulacrum, but also an essential microcosmic parallel occurrence of the full-sized planet in a state of multi-dimensional harmonic resonance (something like what earth physicists would call “quantum entanglement”).

The process is done in a way that leaves no “fingerprints” of its advanced extraterrestrial origin. A terrestrial crystallographer would interpret the microcrystalline structure of the sphere as merely a variant of chalcedony— a cryptocrystalline form of silica, composed of very fine intergrowths of quartz and moganite. These are both silica minerals, but they differ in that quartz has a trigonal crystal structure, while moganite is monoclinic.

From the perspective of time-honored intergalactic legal cannon, authorized possession of such a parallel planet constitutes ownership of both it and the full-sized parallel planet, and the manufactured planet is legally considered to be a planet regardless of its size.

Parallel Planets are therefore legally recognized as both planets and planetary deeds while functionally they also serve as microcosmic quantum-entangled, interspatially-harmonic  resonators and  two-way parallel-planet portals as will be operationally defined in section 6 of the field guide.

  1. Characteristics of the Mysterium Galaxy

Very briefly, the Mysterium Galaxy (which has yet to be catalogued or imaged by terrestrial astronomers) is considered the most ideal galaxy for co-evolutionary experiments in parallel-planet symbiosis and metamorphosis.  The Mysterium Galaxy was originally named by a powerful group of mystic explorers and alchemists who sought refuge from galactic regions that they felt were energetically corrupted by insufficiently-evolved higher life forms (such as homo sapiens).

The Mysterium Galaxy was discovered to be the ultimate “ungentrified” galaxy, entirely uncorrupted, unexploited and uninhabited by higher life forms upon discovery.

Upon discovery, the original pioneering mystics set up a guild called the Mystic Sentinels to patrol, monitor and defend the perimeter of the Mysterium Galaxy successfully barring parasitical  or predatory life-forms and even authorized planet holders deemed by them to be insufficiently-evolved to be worthy of admission.  Once you are allowed past their perimeter,  however, you will never be scrutinized or interfered with by them again.  Indeed, they use multiple, high-performance cloaking technologies that will make them completely undetectable. Although they will be continuously working to keep you safe from intrusion while you are within the Mysterium Galaxy, you are highly unlikely to ever encounter a Sentinel.

The first threshold that you will have to pass to be allowed entrance into the Mysterium Galaxy is a binary one-question test legally required to be included in this field guide. Here it is:

The planet you are being gifted with presently contains only beneficial microbial life, and sand worms which lack higher thinking ability.  Would you prefer to rule over a planet that already contains higher life forms?


NO 0

Do not read below this line until you have committed your answer in indelible ink.


If your answer was “Yes,” you are hereby barred from entering the Mysterium Galaxy and are deemed to be an insufficiently-evolved higher life form and are commanded to repent and self-reflect on your morally-reprehensible, horrifically-unevolved and inter-galactically illegal intention.

Have you no shame? 

Are you blind to the brutal imperialist savagery of wanting to rule over unknown higher lifeforms knowing nothing of their biology, customs, culture, values and needs?

After careful consideration, the Planeting Guild and Mystic Sentinels have decided in favor of the eloquent and thoughtful special-waiver request of the Authorized Planet Distributor, Jonathan Zap, of the inter-galactically renowned Zap Oracle Federation and hereby grant special waiver: HS—14184455678889 which allows Jonathan Zap, and only Jonathan Zap, to witness and initial an incorrect and repented test question do over, if done so in his presence within seven minutes of a test-failure event. Those accepted due to the special waiver will be under a secret probationary status for a period equivalent to 880 earth standard years, after which their provisional permit to advance to other thresholds will become permanently warranted.

Be advised, however, that regardless of test status, anyone attempting to cross the threshold of the Mysterium Galaxy via conventional space travel, whether through FLT-Warp Craft or Spacing Guild Heighliner will be examined by a Mystic Sentinel and, if found unworthy, will be barred from entrance without explanation or possibility of appeal as will be further explained in section 5.

  1. Characteristics and Resources of Planets in the Apachion System

All planets being offered from the Apachion system, have been authenticated by Planeting Guild robotic drone surveys to have (at minimum) the following crucial resources:

Non-polluted oxygen-rich atmosphere

Delicious, completely uncontaminated, mineral-rich water in great abundance.

Gravity .61 to .84 Gs (61% to 84% that of earth). This is more than  enough  to ensure no chance of bone demineralization and other of the extreme health hazards incurred by Zero G conditions.

The lessening of gravity (and most Apachion planets are in the .61-.71 G  “sweet zone”) is experienced  by homo sapiens as a wonderful feeling of buoyancy and lightness—you can feel joints (especially neck vertebrae decompressing) allowing fluid to flow into discs healing most back/spine and joint issues. Leaping bounds feel effortless, jumping from greater heights becomes safe and already-fit people can feel like they’ve suddenly become world-class gymnasts.

Crystal caves with gem-quality crystals that if a planet holder were able to export to terrestrial markets would be easily converted to a super-abundance of monetary wealth.

Sphagum—the Most Versatile and Nutritious Superfood Ever Discovered in the Known Universe

Sphagum is a microbial, spongiform flora (plant organism) ubiquitous on the surface of all planets in the Apachion system. It is a densely-nutritious and pleasant-tasting superfood containing all amino acids, omega fats (especially omega 3), phytochemicals and minerals needed to sustain human life.

Sphagum is a savory food with many regional and microregional taste variations.

The sample I (Jonathan Zap author of the field guide) tried tasted like Laetiporus ,a genus of edible mushrooms found throughout much of the world. Some species, especially Laetiporus sulphureus, are commonly known as sulphur shelf, chicken of the woods, the chicken mushroom, or the chicken fungus because many think they taste like chicken.  The sphagum I sampled had a rich, complex, slightly-smoky flavor and a wonderful texture (like a slightly-chewier version of a well-cooked portabella mushroom).

According to a handful of reports from the small numbers of human beings who have relocated to Apachion-System planets, Sphagum is a food staple that one never tires of but that actually becomes an acquired taste allowing sphagnum connoisseurs to recognize ever-more subtle variations of sphagum flavor.

Even more than tofu, sphagum can be prepared in innumerable ways to make an endless variety of food types such as sphagum steaks, patties, pates, dips, etc.

All the respondents I was able to interview, however, agreed that barbecue sphagum shish kabab was their favorite or near-favorite variation especially when combined with a high-quality barbecue sauce.

One skilled Apachion translocator brought an entire shipping container of 24-ounce bottles of a favorite brand of barbecue sauce for this purpose. He stored the shipping container in a cave that had a consistent temperature of forty-five degrees Fahrenheit which he claimed would extend the shelf life of the barbecue sauce to a dozen years.  (Zap Oracle was unable to independently verify this claim.)

A Planeting Guild nutritionist that I spoke to speculated that the increasing flavor perception and preference for sphagum was what he called an “adaptive neurological function” caused by the extreme nutritional richness of the substance which the brain would seek to reinforce by stimulating pleasure centers and flavor perceptions to reinforce reliance on the superfood. Although I am not a neurological materialist, I feel that this Planeting Guild nutritionist—a highly credentialed and thoughtful older gentleman with extensive intergalactic field experience is probably right. My single experience of sampling sphagum many years ago (summer of 2001) has left me longing for more, a craving that has resurfaced episodically over the years.

Sphagum is a highly valuable exportable resource, the gem qualities crystals even more so, but the export value of these resources is infinitesimal compared to the Apachion systems most treasured commodity, Mysterium Mélange.

Based on current intergalactic commodity market trading as of the close of business on 4.4.19, medium-grade Mysterium Mélange is currently being sold  (converted to terrestrial monetary value) at 880 million Euros, per gram.

And yet, this extraordinary price is kept artificially low by strict inter-galactic price controls to avoid predatory traders. Because of the price constraint, the supply of Mysterium Mélange is never able to keep up with the demand, so those willing to pay the 880-milllion-Euro-per-gram rate must win a lottery entitling them to purchase a single gram at that price.

Mystic Sentinels rarely allow even the most limited quantities of this substance to be exported, but on any planet in the Apachion system you will find vast regions sparking with Mysterium Mélange on the ground and would rarely have to travel far to find enough of it to shovel into a backpack and bring home with you.

Mysterium Mélange is the Inter-Galactic trade name for what natives call “Apachion Spice” or more commonly just “Spice.”

What little homo sapiens know about spice comes from the channeled “fiction” books of Frank Herbert’s Dune series which fairly accurately describe the form of spice found on the desert planet of Arrakis.

To understand the properties of Mysterium Mélange it may be helpful to review some of the most accurate information Herbert was able to channel about Arrakis spice which has much in common with Apachion spice but is much harsher, far more addictive and with a relatively low therapeutic ratio so that it can become toxic or even fatal at low doses.

The events in the Dune books occur in a galactic economy not yet expanded to intergalactic trade. Once intergalactic trade opened, Arrakis Spice was no longer an exclusive commodity but competed with Mysterium Mélange that has a price-per-gram valuation rarely less than 800 times that of Arrakis Spice. Arrakis Spice, while still valuable, came to be called by various disparaging names such as “Ghetto Spice,” “Poor Man’s Spice” and “Trash-Fire Spice” as it came to suffer by comparisons to Mysterium Mélange. Despite the harsh, over-stimulating and toxic aspects of Arrakis spice, before intergalactic trade opened, it was the only available form of spice available and it was considered the most valuable substance in the known universe.

Rather than try to translate and summarize the vast body of literature on Mysterium Mélange, I’m going to quote the spice Wikipedia page that distills the mostly accurate information about Arrakis Spice to be found in the Dune books.  Then, I will briefly describe what makes Mysterium Mélange different and more valuable than Arrakis Spice.

 (In the early economy based on only intra-galactic trade) the most essential and valuable commodity in the universe is mélange, a drug that gives the user a longer life span, greater vitality, and heightened awareness; it can also unlock prescience in some humans, depending upon the dosage and the consumer’s physiology.[2] This prescience-enhancing property makes safe and accurate interstellar travel possible.[2]

Herbert is vague in describing the appearance of the spice. He hints at its color in Dune Messiah (1969) when he notes that Guild Navigator Edric “swam in a container of orange gas […] His tank’s vents emitted a pale orange cloud rich with the smell of the geriatric spice, mélange.”[8] Later in Heretics of Dune (1984), a discovered hoard of mélange appears as “mounds of dark reddish brown”.[9] Herbert also indicates fluorescence in God Emperor of Dune (1981) when the character Moneo notes: “Great bins of mélange lay all around in a gigantic room cut from native rock and illuminated by glowglobes […] The spice had glowed radiant blue in the dim silver light. And the smell—bitter cinnamon, unmistakable.”[10] Herbert writes repeatedly, starting in Dune (1965), that mélange possesses the odor of cinnamon.[2]

In Dune, Lady Jessica notes that her first taste of spice “tasted like cinnamon”.[2] Dr. Yueh adds that the flavor is “never twice the same […] It’s like life—it presents a different face each time you take it. Some hold that the spice produces a learned-flavor reaction. The body, learning a thing is good for it, interprets the flavor as pleasurable—slightly euphoric. And, like life, never to be truly synthesized.”[2]


In Dune, there is only one source of mélange: the sands of the planet Arrakis, colloquially known as Dune,[2] and millennia later called simply “Rakis”.[9] Herbert notes in Dune that a pre-spice mass is “the stage of fungusoid wild growth achieved when water is flooded into the excretions of Little Makers“,[11] the “half-plant–half-animal deep-sand vector of the Arrakis sandworm“.[12] Gases are produced which result in “a characteristic ‘blow’, exchanging the material from deep underground for the matter on the surface above it.”[11] This blow is explosive in nature, erupting with enough force to kill anyone in the vicinity of it. Frank Herbert describes such a spice blow in the following passage from Dune:

Then he heard the sand rumbling. Every Fremen knew the sound, could distinguish it immediately from the noises of worms or other desert life. Somewhere beneath him, the pre-spice mass had accumulated enough water and organic matter from the little makers, had reached the critical stage of wild growth. A gigantic bubble of carbon dioxide was forming deep in the sand, heaving upward in an enormous “blow” with a dust whirlpool at its center. It would exchange what had been formed deep in the sand for whatever lay on the surface.[2]

Herbert writes that the pre-spice mass, “after exposure to sun and air, becomes mélange”. [11] He later indicates its color in Children of Dune (1976), when Leto II passes “the leprous blotches of violet sand where a spiceblow had erupted”.[13]

Collecting the mélange is hazardous in the extreme, since rhythmic activity on the desert surface of Arrakis attracts the worms, which can be up to 400 meters (1,300 feet) in length, and are capable of swallowing a mining crawler whole. Thus, the mining operation essentially consists of vacuuming it off the surface with a vehicle called a Harvester until a worm comes, at which time an aircraft known as a Carryall lifts the mining vehicle to safety. The Fremen, who have learned to co-exist with the sandworms in the desert, harvest the spice manually for their own use and for smuggling off-planet.[2]


Herbert notes in Children of Dune that the geriatric (age extending) properties of mélange had been “first noted by Yanshuph Ashkoko, royal chemist in reign of Shakkad the Wise”.[1]By the events of Dune, the spice is used all over the galaxy and is a sign of wealth; Duke Leto Atreides notes that of every valuable commodity known to mankind, “all fades before mélange. A handful of spice will buy a home on Tupile.”[2] Due to the rarity and value of mélange and its necessity as a catalyst for interstellar travel, the Padishah Emperor‘s power at the outset of Dune is secured by his control of Arrakis, which puts him on equal footing with both the assembly of noble families called the Landsraad and the Spacing Guild, which monopolizes interstellar travel.[2] Seizing control of the planet, Paul Atreides intensifies this form of hydraulic despotism by asserting control over both the Landsraad and Spacing Guild, as well as other factions in the universe.[2]

Not without reason was the spice often called “the secret coinage.” Without mélange, the Spacing Guild’s heighliners could not move. Mélange precipitated the “navigation trance” by which a translight pathway could be “seen” before it was traveled. Without mélange and its amplification of the human immunogenic system, life expectancy for the very rich degenerated by a factor of at least four. Even the vast middle class of the Imperium ate diluted mélange in small sprinklings with at least one meal a day.[13]

— Alia Atreides, Children of Dune

Referred to as “the spice”, mélange can be mixed with food, and it is used to make beverages such as “spice coffee”, “spice beer”, and “spice liquor”. Mélange is in fact a drug in the clinical sense, and daily use can extend human life spans by hundreds of years.[2] In larger quantities it possesses intense psychotropic effects, and is used as a powerful entheogen by both the Bene Gesserit and Fremen to initiate clairvoyant and precognitive trances, access genetic memory, and heighten other abilities.[2] But mélange is highly addictive,[3] and withdrawal means certain death; Paul Atreides notes in Dune that the spice is “[a] poison—so subtle, so insidious… so irreversible. It won′t even kill you unless you stop taking it.”[2]

Guild Navigators

The Navigators of the Spacing Guild depend upon mélange for the heightened awareness and the prescient ability to see safe paths through space-time, allowing them to navigate the gigantic Guild heighliners between planets. The Navigators must exist within a cloud of spice gas in a tank; this intense and extended exposure mutates their bodies over time.


In Dune, Jessica says to Fremen leader Stilgar, “I see you do much working with the spice… you make paper… plastics… and isn’t that chemical explosives?” [2] The existence of “spice-cloth” and “spice-fiber” rugs are noted in Dune Messiah and Children of Dune.[8][13]

Spice agony

Water of Life, a substance related to mélange, is used for the “spice agony“, a ritual performed in different ways by the Fremen and the Bene Gesserit. It involves an “illuminating poison” used to elevate consciousness and unlock genetic memory. Bene Gesserit survivors of the deadly ordeal are then known as Reverend Mothers.

In the original novel, Dune, Lady Jessica refers to the ritual as “the Reverend Mother ordeal” as she experiences it. Jessica realizes that although the Fremen and Bene Gesserit rituals are different, the results are the same.[15] When attempting it himself later in the novel, Paul says, “We will see now whether I’m the Kwisatz Haderach who can survive the test that the Reverend Mothers have survived.” The term spice agony is not actually used until the novel Heretics of Dune, though its use within the Dune universe seemingly predates the events of the novel itself.[16]

In Children of Dune, the term spice trance is used to describe the effects of an overdose of spice. Alia had previously subjected herself to such an overdose late in Dune Messiah, hoping to enhance her prescient visions; she achieves some success, but in Children of Dune, Leto II and Ghanima blame the trance for Alia’s descent into Abomination. Fearful of the same fate, they resist Alia’s urgings to undergo the spice trance themselves. The trial is later forced upon Leto at Jacurutu when it is suspected that he too is an Abomination. Leto survives the challenge and escapes, but is left changed. Unlike Alia, however, he remains in control, and the spice trance opens his eyes to the Golden Path that will ultimately save humanity.[13]

Physiological side effects

Extensive use of the drug tints the scleracornea, and iris of the user to a dark shade of blue, called “blue-in-blue” or “the Eyes of Ibad”,[17] which is something of a source of pride among the Fremen and a symbol of their tribal bond. In Dune, Paul initially has green eyes, but after several years on Arrakis they begin to take on the deep, uniform blue of the Fremen. On other planets, the addicted often use tinted contact lenses to hide this discoloration.[18][19] In Dune, Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV notes of two Guildsmen:

The taller of the two, though, held a hand to his left eye. As the Emperor watched, someone jostled the Guildsman’s arm, the hand moved, and the eye was revealed. The man had lost one of his masking contact lenses, and the eye stared out a total blue so dark as to be almost black.[2]


When aerosolized and used as an inhalant in extremely high dosages—the standard practice for Guild Navigators—the drug acts as a mutagen. In the first chapter of Dune Messiah, Guild Navigator Edric is described in his tank of spice gas as “an elongated figure, vaguely humanoid with finned feet and hugely fanned membranous hands—a fish in a strange sea.”[8]

Apachion Spice trade name: Mysterium Mélange—has all the psychotropic and geriatric benefits of Arrakis Spice with none of it is drawbacks. It may be psychologically addictive, but there is no physical withdrawal and no fatalities associated with either withdrawal or intaking very high doses. Unlike the dirty reddish color of Arrakis Spice, Mysterium Mélange is in the deep indigo to violet color range—and can be found in vast spice fields as sparkly granules that look like tiny crystals of deeply-colored amethyst or purplish crystalized sugar. Rather than bitter cinnamon, Mysterium Mélange is sweet, like sugar crystals infused with lavender and anisette.

Apachion Spice worms are considered the bonobos-like sub-species of sandworms. They are not the monstrous, devouring aggressive creatures to be found on Arrakis. Rarely more than six meters in length, Apachion sand worms are vegan, gentle, shy creatures but may tentatively approach someone who doesn’t make sudden movements and is sending out gentle reassuring thought forms.

Arrakis spice is the much more yang version of spice. To use ginseng as an analogy—-Arrakis would be more like factory-farmed Korean ginseng while Mysterium Mélange would be less fiery with a calmer, clearer and more balanced energy compared to the highest quality wild, North-American ginseng.

  1. Reported Health Benefits of Living on an Apachion Planet

Sphagum cures metabolic imbalances, thyroid conditions, autoimmune or nervous disorders and reverses heart disease ,prevents and reverses dementia as it is a brain superfood that stimulates the growth of new nerve cells and improves the myelin sheathing and dendritic structure of existing nerve cells.

A diet rich in Sphagum, supplemented with Mysterium Mélange, breathing in unpolluted air richer in oxygen, and reduced gravity conditions  work synergistically to produce remarkable life extension and age reversal.

For example, an obese woman was an inn keeper in Eastern Poland during the early middle ages when she was gifted with an Apachion system planet and free transport by a member of the Planeting Guild as a reward for hospitality (and since he lacked the coin of the realm to make conventional payment).

 Medical scans conducted on the Guild Highliner showed her to have advanced heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, severe osteoarthritis in her hips and knees, several herniated discs in her lower and mid back, borderline diabetes, intestinal parasites, and tangled amyloid proteins in her brain considered a classic sign of incipient dementia.

According to a friend who visited this woman at her Apachion homestead a week before she suffered a fatal caving accident spelunking in a crystal cave at age 867, she was found to be in excellent spirits, highly alert and energetic—she was lean and had a sinewy athletic muscularity with excellent flexibility—her skin was slightly leathery but had a warm, healthy glow, her eyes were very bright and her hair was thick and glossy.

5.Risks and Costs Associated with Space Travel

Getting to your Apachion Planet via Conventional Space Travel

While certainly possible, you will most likely find that conventional space travel to an Apachion planet is either prohibitively expense or extremely expensive and highly risky.

The safe, but prohibitively expense route would be via a Spacing Guild Heighliner.

Advantages: Over the last hundred millennia, the Spacing Guild has earned its reputation as the gold-standard for galactic and intergalactic transport with an unsurpassed record for safety and reliability. With a friendly and professional crew that always includes a number of Suk-School-Certified physicians, being on board a Spacing Guild Heighliner is statistically much safer than watching television at home. With their exclusive (some would say monopolistic) fold-space capability, Spacing Guild transport involves minimal time dilation allowing round trips to be quick and convenient.

 There’s really only one disadvantage to Spacing Guild transport: cost.

How expensive is it? The simple answer is that if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

First class offers unparalleled luxury, but its cost is too astronomical to be worth mentioning, so I’ve only looked into the “economy” options.

At current rates, a small private cabin in steerage (which includes spice coffee, snacks, but not full meals) carries a roughly-estimated price tag equivalent to 70% of the annual, exported mineral wealth of Brazil.

Note: The Spacing Guild does not accept any form of terrestrial currency, but only certain tangible assets of nearly universal value such as rare metals, minerals and certain very specific biologics currently listed by them as negotiable assets, so this is why monetary estimates are not given.

Your other space travel option is to see if you can negotiate passage on an Extraterrestrial FLT-Warp-Drive Star Ship. The only advantage is cost, and there is a steep list of disadvantages.  Accommodations vary, but don’t be surprised to find yourself on a bare mattress in a room crowded with a grotesque menagerie of extraterrestrial species while you wait, sometimes for as long as two weeks, for a bio-tech to put you into suspended animation. Expect that they will have little training on how to fine-tune suspended animation for homo sapiens. The effects of amateur, long-term suspended animation range from mild headache and dehydration to severe metabolic depression, permanent brain damage and death. You must undergo suspended animation, or you’ll have aged decades before you arrive at your planet. If you survive that passage, remember this will be a one-way trip. Due to time dilation, millions of years will have passed on the earth so you would not be able to return to anything recognizable as human culture.

Note: FLT (faster-than-light) warp drive causes extreme time dilation while Guild Heighliner Fold-Space travel does not.

Also, remember what we discussed earlier about the Mystic Sentinels— before a Guild Heighliner or FLT-Warp-Drive Ship can cross into the Mysterium Galaxy they will be boarded by Mystic Sentinels who have the unappealable right to bar anyone from entering. The recommendation is to clear your mind, show them your parallel planet and DON’T SAY ANYTHING—No questions or comments—Mystic Sentinels will be able to scan your every, intention, thought, feeling and memory and yes—it is as intimidating as it sounds and more.

Remember, you will be standing completely exposed to a being of god-like powers. The least of them could easily choke-out a thousand Jedhi masters from across the universe while focusing 98% of their attention on something else. Fortunately for the Jedhi, Mystic Sentinels would never disgrace themselves by giving even that much attention to such pathetic moral invalids as the Jedhi.

Even if approved, many people find this degree of scrutiny to be extremely traumatic (depending on how much shadow integration work they have done).  But if you are a highly-evolved being with full shadow integration and you have achieved a super-human level of inner strength and above all HUMILITY— you may not feel that traumatized. For example, I’ve hung out with Mystic Sentinels in a number of informal social situations, had long and intimate telepathic conversations with one of the most advanced Mystic Sentinels, and enjoyed a comfortable, warm and collegial vibe with them—but this comes after decades of inner work that have allowed me to reach a degree of inner strength and a cosmic-level of encompassing humility that few people can even imagine.

6.Use of Translocation Techniques to Travel to an Apachion Planet

Given the steep hazards and costs of conventional space travel, it will probably be much safer, and certainly less expensive, to travel to your Apachion planet via parallel-planet-portal-resonant translocation—a type of quantum teleportation that your parallel-planet sphere was designed for.

Jonathan Zap, of zaporacle.com, has been authorized to teach an absolutely-free advanced course on intergalactic planetary translocation.

This course is offered as an exclusive free courtesy to those who have been bestowed planets by Jonathan Zap of Zap Oracle.

The course will be conducted via phone or Skype and will be scheduled within two weeks of receipt of a notarized and witnessed disclaimer that absolves Jonathan Zap/Zap Oracle of any expectation of efficaciousness of any of the techniques taught in the course, and conversely,  in the event that they are efficacious, of any and  all liability for any deleterious effects of such translocations including, but not limited to,  irreversibility and/or misalignment of translocation, crippling injury or death.

We will contact you to schedule the free course upon receipt of your notarized disclaimer and a cashier’s check for $1200. (or the equivalent sum in Euros) to cover administrative costs.

This course, however, is not a prerequisite to translocation.

There are many documented cases of people spontaneously developing their own translocation abilities. For example, one of my closest friends when I was growing up in the Bronx exhibited the ability to translocate (but never more than a few hundred meters) during a few spontaneous episodes. As far as I know, he never developed much control of the ability, or the capacity to extend the range past close, familiar locations and even this ability depotentiated by late adolescence.

Translocation is, however, a naturally-occurring, if rarely-developed, human ability.

I do know of a case of a man with high native translocation ability who, after about 16,000 hours of practice, was able to  use parallel-planet-harmonic-portal resonance to effect quantum teleportation to a degree to where he was able to translocate sixteen people and sixteen shipping containers during a single teleportation event allowing him to build his own intentional community on his Apachion planet. Obviously, this is a best-case scenario, but the saying is that parallel-planet harmonic resonance is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration. It is entirely doable, but few are willing to devote the extreme amount of practice (the perspiration part) to make this native paranormal ability effective for intergalactic distances.

If the you remember the old joke: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Same answer to how do you get to an Apachion Planet via translocation: PRACTICE.

7.Transpatial Co-Evolutionary Symbiosis with an Apachion Planet, Subcreation, Life Form and Species Creation

For many, investing 16,000 hours of focused practice to achieve intergalactic translocation is neither practical, nor desirable.

Indeed, for compelling social and karmic reasons, many people find long-term, off-planet relocation to be inappropriate and contrary to their implicit life mission.

Literal, material, 24/7 relocation to your planet is not a prerequisite to achieving coevolutionary metamorphic symbiosis with your new world. There are many other levels of practice that don’t require physical relocation at all.

For example, a much more casual level of symbiosis can be achieved merely by keeping your planet close to your person and in view. You may put your planet on a stand near your computer monitor, beside your bed, etc. The more attention you give it, the more you will feel the harmonic, parallel-portal resonator effects. These planets are uninhabited by higher life forms (and their all-pervasive mental chatter and anxiety), and they are entirely free of mind parasites, so even just casually attuning to your planet will be extremely calming. Functional MRI scans of people attuning to Apachion planets after even one-hour of distributed practice (12 days of five-minute sessions) showed that parallel-planet attunement produced ten times the beneficial effect of silent meditation. Those sleeping near their planets fell asleep more quickly and had longer and deeper intervals of REM sleep.

There are common themes in the admittedly subjective and anecdotal testimony of people who practice Apachion Planet Atunement (APA). APA experiencers talk about the feelings of innocence, potential and coming-into-being of these young worlds and how much attuning to that increases their vitality and enthusiasm for life.

Because these planets are relatively new and innocent of  higher-life consciousness, they have an uncollapsed waveform malleability  as they are not under the observation of any “agents”  (self-aware beings who possess some degree of free will).  Therefore, they are in a perfect state to be formed by sufficiently potent sustained intention and imagination by an agent such as yourself.  This is why the Spacing Guild uses only robotic survey drones (with limited, sub-agent AI) to catalogue these planets to maintain their virgin, uncollapsed waveform status as worlds uninterfered with by agent intrusion.  The SG do not name or even assign a conventional number to catalogue the planets but use an encrypted code to locate them in their system.

Consistent agent attention and intention (even from an agent in another galaxy) has been shown to create significant physical alterations and manifestations on Apachion planets.  These planets are relatively undeveloped planetary organisms that are highly responsive to agent attention/intention and will start to rearrange atoms and molecules to manifest forms consistently and persistently (and with True Will and Desire) envisioned and projected by a subcreator. These planets are infinitely more ideoplastic/thought-responsive than a highly agent-observed planet like the earth that is so highly developed and with so much history that predates, or that is happening independently, from observation, will, desire and intention of any one agent.

Apachion planets are not, however, merely “blank slates” —they do have their own essence and attributes and rudimentary life—but they are more plastic and far less rigidified into form than a planet fully inhabited and developed by higher species. When the earth was a steamy ocean world of microbial life forms—it was far more malleable too.

Your relationship with your planet is a unique evolutionary experiment. The symbiosis of your awareness with the evolving eco-system of this world could cause a primo–genesis via alchemical panspermia effect—where your essential energy, genetics and awareness meld with the life potential of this new planet giving rise to alternate species—which could be higher-life forms close to homo sapiens or more divergent.

This could happen intentionally, but even so expect spontaneous and unexpected variations, especially as the new species evolves and becomes more independent from its symbiotic subcreator (you). The process of primogenesis will most likely be depotentiated by a passive subcreator who feels a prime-directive taboo and reluctance to interfere especially in the primal birthing process. Your awareness, desires and True Will are crucial, irreducible elements. You should and must use your imagination, needs, desires, aesthetics—your taste and ideals of beauty—to help give form to this new species—that is the job of a subcreator.

I recommend subcreating from a life-affirming stance, but I would not try to sanitize this evolving new world of all darkness as that will undermine its complexity, realization, viability, resilience, novelty, dynamism, etc. at best creating a sterile, fragile “snowflake-paperweight” pseudo-world as viable life forms must be based on essential cosmic principles such as light/dark.

Species creation is a lot to take on, and unless you have personal relationships with particular individual members of the species, primogenesis  of a new species could become a rather tedious, laborious and impersonal process. I would rather focus on giving life to one or a few individual members of a new species.

There are other, simpler and more personal forms of coevolutionary symbiosis you can have with your planet and I will just briefly outline a few of the more classic possibilities but there are infinite other possibilities.

Planets, even small ones, have a vastness that can feel impersonal—creating a cozy abode of some sort is often desirable, though you could just explore the planet on a continuous journey.

One possibility is  based on the ancient practice called “Theater of Memory.” You start by  building a beautifully landscaped estate, ranch, living compound, etc. at a particular location on your planet using imaginal projection.  The more detailed, consistent and aesthetically beautiful the better. You have an infinite budget, and if you put in a lot of intention your planet will rearrange its atoms and molecules so as to manifest the structures you project. You can then spend time in your estate. (See Jonathan Zap for more details on this practice.)  A powerful practice is to have a beautifully-designed sleep chamber deep within your castle/mansion/home and to go to sleep in that sleep chamber nightly.

You could also live in this estate with an autonomous subcreated person who could be a character you develop who eventually becomes an autonomous agent. You could use your holographic memory of a deceased person you want to have a continued relationship with to create a new version of them which in some cases their spirit could choose to inhabit. It is important that you respect any such entities as persons with autonomy and equality and all the basic rights due to persons of any kind.

Careful what you wish for . . .

There is an old Catholic prayer that says, “There are more tears shed for answered prayers than unanswered ones.”

Give birth to  parallel selves and companions from your deepest, truest life-affirming desires.

You can easily create an unsatisfactory companion by following surface desires without seeing deeper desires that underlie them that could provide far greater fulfillment.

For example, let’s say a woman planet holder has a history of being disappointed by men in romantic relationships. To compensate for this, she creates a handsome Prince Charming who is unselfishly devoted to her in every way. This could be very gratifying at first—so opposite to some of the selfish, egocentric men who didn’t give her the love she wanted.  Long term, however, she will find this new companion boring, unchallenging, and a kind of sugar-coated puppet that is hollow inside.  She subcreated into being a not-fully-alive companion who lacked freewill and autonomy, a robotic surrogate not capable of complex, dynamic, developmental relationship and co-evolution.

That does not need to become a permanent tragic magic situation, however, because it’s happening on an experimental world where things have not rigidified. She can realize her mistake and allow her Prince Charming to develop autonomy, self-awareness and free will, or she could allow this not-fully-alive creature to dissolve back into the primordial ooze of zeros and ones that matricies are made of and subcreate a new companion, or invite an existing entity to inhabit a newly incarnate character in a more equal relationship where she and other can co-create each other to further co-evolutionary symbiosis. Any parallel selves would be symbiotically co-evolutionary with the subcreator’s baseline terrestrial identity as well as other selves, if any, projected by another entity that has achieved subcreative autonomy and agency.

Subcreative experiments in coevolutionary symbiosis are highly encouraged. And, in case this isn’t obvious—there are no limits imposed by a preexisting social matrix—the co-evolutionary symbiotic relationships can be romantic, sexual, mentoring, co-mentoring—your companion could be your student and/or your teacher, child, parent, sibling or some transgressively weird and unprecedented mixing and transcending of different of these categories in ways that would be taboo to your terrestrial social matrix. Novelty is encouraged; however, HOWEVER, you need to follow universal ethics such as:

Consent—not violating the free-will of another entity even if you are their subcreator.

Not causing needless harm to yourself or other entities.

Choosing and manifesting life-affirming and consciousness-evolving new possibilities while avoiding conditioned stagnation.

You are encouraged to play god, but be the sort of god you would to be subcreated by.

Be the person you want to find. Be the god you want to find.

Remember what Rumi said, “What you seek is seeking you.”

Your deepest, truest desires are the desires of the cosmos. so outer reality  (especially an Apachion planet) will enthusiastically and symbiotically seek out and meld with your essence via compatible core evolutionary desires.

This Field Guide may continue to evolve, so check back to look for new developments. Whether I alter or supplement this guide, or leave it as is, all of my writings, and videos and the Zap Oracle should be considered crucially relevant additions and amplifications to what is presented here. You could take all my work and call it a guide book to being an ethical evolutionary subcreator. This field guide may  be near the end of its word count, but it rests on top of this much larger field guide (zaporacle.com) that I intend to alter and augment at least until I’ve crossed the event horizon popularly known as “death.”

On the other hand, my field guide certainly has flaws, blind spots, irrelevant-to-you tangents, etc. I would be disrespecting your autonomy as a subcreator to suggest that you need to even read to the end of this sentence let alone delve further into my work. You are your own navigator, king, warrior, magician, lover, ______<(insert any words at all because you are the one who determines who you are to yourself). You are another autonomous subcreator and the inner and outer cosmic evolutionary desires incarnate in you want novelty, not one-size-fits-all, so the perfect way to annihilate the purpose of my field guide would be if everyone preferred it to any other because that would be catastrophically anti-novelty, anti-individual and collective development, evolution and metamorphosis. For example, you may decide not to read to the end of this sentence because you prefer other field guides, or to create your own field guide, or to simply navigate intuitively in the moment without regard to any outside field guide, etc.

Being gifted with a planet from the Apachion system means that you are being recognized, honored and hopefully empowered as a working or potential evolutionary subcreator. Your choices will validate and sometimes invalidate that recognition in various ways.

Subcreators are people who feel that they are in a matrix that needs to be more loving, beautiful and magical than it currently is.

A subcreator is almost certainly someone pierced by the splinter-in-your-mind “feeling” of being in an off matrix—what Hamlet expressed as, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” “Feeling” is a euphemistic place holder for more specified feelings subcreators have about the matrix. Feelings such as suffering, existential dread, free-floating anxiety, alienation, abandonment, paranoia, depression, despair, and suicidal desire. Those are some of the most classic feelings to be found in the darker region of the sub-creator emotional spectrum. On the radiant side of the spectrum are enthusiasm, ecstasy, etc., but right now we’re focusing on the irreducible, story-structure necessity of the dark side of the spectrum, the various shades of subcreator suffering.

Cosmic story structure requires suffering as the black velvet back drop necessary for a story about evolutionary metamorphosis to light up properly. Said another way, extreme polarities are needed if you want your alchemical crucible to have nuclear energy and dynamism.

Therefore, the deeper and darker the contrasting background of suffering, the more allochromatically radiant the blade of indomitable evolutionary desire that can be raised up.

 Said another way by Carl Jung, “The tree whose branches grow to heaven must have roots that go down deep into hell.”

 Unless you have authentically suffered both inner and outer darkness, unless you have the dynamic complexity of having both succumbed to and transcended inner and outer darkness, cosmic story structure is unlikely to make the deep-content and stylistic error of choosing you as the wielder of an allochromatically-radiant  blade of indomitable evolutionary subcreation.

No one will believe in, and nobody wants, a matrix-shifting/matrix-creating subcreator who didn’t have to suffer to earn their powers.

 It would be a fundamental violation of implicit story structure if a blissfully unconscious ordinary person were to get bitten by a radioactive spider with subcreative isotopes in its blood. What a lame, and aesthetically and archetypally awful subcreator origin story that would be. Imagine someone trying to sell a boxing movie screenplay about a boxer who is raised by a wealthy, loving family that build him his own private boxing gym where from the earliest age he becomes a boxer who is too quick for anyone to ever land a punch on so that he is never injured,  hurt, or even challenged very much as he wins every match, wins championship after championship after championship and then he remains champion for all the rest of his days. Your implicit cosmic story structure sensibility does not want such a boxing movie to be made, therefore it will not be made by you or anyone else.

Cosmic story structure insists on a subceator potentiated by the polarities of deep despair and high inspiration.

Therefore, to be a successful planet holder you must be a subcreator with a full-spectrum emotional range. This is why you, and not Thomas Kinkaid, are being chosen as subcreator. Co-evolutionary symbiosis with your new world requires ALL of you needs to be added to the alchemical crucible—your deepest dissatisfactions and most far-reaching inspirations and everything between. Deep dissatisfaction with the default matrix and passionately-inspired desire for new possibilities give a subcreator an ultra-high-RPM yang lathe and an ultra-high-RPM yin lathe. These are the power tools a subcreator needs to shape a new world.

In Steven King’s Dark Tower books, there is an eleven-year-old boy named Jake who sometimes stuck between worlds. As he is falling into an abyss, Jake says,

“Go then, there are other worlds than these . . .

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