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(this is an interview with Jonathan on Radio Orbit recorded 01-07-08)
I feel I am writing for myself and fellow “mutants,” not for the many, certainly not for what Jung called “mass man,” and the majority of the planet is mass man. Sometimes what stands in the way of creative fulfillment are the ego’s standards of success. If just a few people are deeply affected by my writings is that failure? As Dorothy Canfield Fisher says, “There is no large or small against the back drop of the infinite.” From the point of view of the I Ching the keystone of relationship is to meet others halfway. If I didn’t express myself, or hid my writings in a drawer, that would be meeting less than halfway. If I was an aggressive self-promoter doing everything possible to push my work forward (the “success” mode of our culture, like a Donald Trump (or one of the other power mad whores for celebrity attention) that would be meeting more than halfway. My job is to create and put it out there where it can be found, it is up to others to look for what they need.


Image background created by Radio Orbit from an actual photo of me siting on a very cooperative young bengal tiger in Colorado

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