Kickstarting a New Take on the Wristwatch

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I’m trying to get a new watch made (see design image), but every watchmaker and fabricator I consult is giving me a bunch of lame excuses and referrals that also don’t pan out.  Here is the last design proposal I just emailed to yet another watchmaker:

“Can you make me a watch with this design? (see image) It would need to have on-demand, multi-phasic, spatial/temporal displacement capability with a nuclear magnetic time buffer lock as a fail-safe security feature to prevent unintended dimensional sliding. For the foundation wires I’m thinking a mitrhil/gold-pressed latinum composite on a biaxially stressed tritanium band intricately engraved with alchemical symbols only visible during Northern Hemisphere lunar eclipses. The dial should be hand-painted and antiqued Lothlorien high-performance ceramic atomically bonded to a convex, front and back anti-reflective coated synthetic sapphire. I’ve got some other specs to go over with you, but those are some of the basics. What sort of a deposit would you need to get that going?  The last watchmaker I asked to give me a quote on this  said that it was probably more complicated than I thought, blah, blah, blah, and the materials hard to get, blah, blah, blah, and all sorts of other whiny excuses. I’m looking for someone with more of a can-do attitude who knows how to fabricate to exact specifications and can work with a tight deadline and not go over budget (I could go as high as $500.per piece for quality work). Oh, and this probably goes without saying but the mechanism would have to be water resistant to at least 1k atmospheres and the bracelet should have both two-button spring clasp and fold-over safety latch—same as Rolex Submariner, etc..”

I would appreciate help from anyone in the Reality Sandwich community who can help make this happen. Please leave comments below if you have any leads or feedback.

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