Goth Movement Consolidating Power in Europe


All photos by Jonathan Zap. The Gothia Towers (night and day view)  in Gothenberg, Sweden. The Gothia Towers are administrative offices of the International Congress of the Gothic Punk Movement.

Few European cities allow for such a single-sub-culture immersive experience as Gothenberg, Sweden, the second most populous single-subculture city in Europe after Germany’s Emoberg. In the States you would never guess the increasing international influence and economic power of the Goths whom most Americans dismiss as a self-indulgent, marginal subculture. The Goth movement now controls almost 80% of the black textile and apparel industry in the EU.


Some older non-Goth residents have resisted the imposition of Gothia Law, especially the curfews that limit the number of daylight hours that residents can be seen in public.


Darkness worshipping Goth art exhibition, This Misery of Light, currently showing (until January 29, 2017) in Kontshall, Gothenburg’s largest art museum. Critics have praised the rich nihilism and negative capability of this anti-light themed art exhibition which features a diversity of darkness-affirming voices from within the Goth community.

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