Free podcast/pdf, Coast show on Crossing the Event Horizon

The first 40 pages of my new book, Crossing the Event Horizon—the Singularity Archetype and Human Metamorphosis, are now available for free as both a PDF and a podcast: Hard copies, and  ebook versions should be available later this summer.

I will be discussing the book  this Wednesday 7/13/11 (going into very early Thursday morning) with George Noory of Coast-to-Coast. Here’s the promo for the show: Coast is North America’s most listened to late night talk show, broadcast on 545 radio stations to an audience of millions in America and Canada. To find the station nearest you go here: I think you can stream

I will be on:
11pm-2am Pacific time
Midnight-3am Mountain Time
1am-4am Central
2am-5am Eastern

The show begins an hour earlier then when I come on.  Show start time:  10pm Pacific, 11pm Mountain, Midnight Central, 1am Eastern.


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