Carnival 2012

Three announcements:

1. I just posed an extensive new document I’ve been meaning to write for years:

Carnival 2012—A Psychological Study of the 2012 Phenomenon and the 22 Classic Pitfalls and Blind Spots of Esoteric Research

I recorded a podcast and expect to have that available sometime today.

2. The publication of this document is timed to coincide with my friend and colleague John Major Jenkin’s appearance on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory tonight. Coast-to-Coast AM is broadcast on over 500 stations and XM satellite. Check their site for a station near you.

3. An all new version of has launched. I call the new visual theme “Steampunk Starship.” We’re still tweaking some things and if you notice any anomalies please email me: [email protected] Infinite gratitude to Tanner Derry, the new webmaster of who has an amazing skill set, work ethic and the patience to collaborate with my extreme visual perfectionism and eccentric tastes. Tanner has a degree in computer game design and is an expert with Word Press websites.

Feedback on Carnival 2012 would also be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and enjoy the Annual Retail Festival of 12/25!

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