Concentric Relations
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Card #319 – Concentric Relations

You may never know all the mysterious depths that cause some people to stand so much closer to you than others. There is the often-monotonous carnival of circumstantial acquaintance, and then there are those certain people you are connected to by inner ties. They are like planets with orbits aligning, even intersecting with the orbit of your planet. You need the whole field of relationships, the acquaintances in outer concentric bands, the strangers you have never met in more distant and diffused bands. And then there are those few in the close bands… those connected to you through karma you can’t fully discern, those who light up your eros, those who are spiritual allies that help you to recognize and fulfill your great work, those whom you are called to help on a depth level, those who may be all of the above. All the concentric bands of relationship deserve your mindful awareness. Be the wise alchemist overseeing the asymmetrical and ever-shifting flows of energy happening at each of the bands of concentric relation.

When Worlds don’t Necessarily Collide

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