Apocalyptic Collective Energy
Storming the Empire, original collage, 1986 by Michale Langenstein CARD URL: http://www.zaporacle.com/card/apocalyptic-collective-energy/

Apocalyptic Collective Energy – Card #91 – Zap Oracle

This collage, Storming the Empire, made in 1986, seems uncannily prophetic of 9/11.

The destructive energy of the collective is not merely active when something dramatic and newsworthy is happening. It is there all the time as a major theme in the zeitgeist, refractted as a moment of road rage here, a destructive impulse there, as a force we can find in ourselves and in others close to us, as well as in the dark machinations of governments, religious ideologies and other dark forces that coalesce to manipulate civilization. But these forces have their purpose in the great design, just as the word “apocalypse” originally meant a revelation to humanity by a divine agency.

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