Angelic Presence
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Card #203 – Angelic Presence, Blessing

Often our attention focuses disproportionately on the perceived deficiencies of our present incarnation and we miss the myriad blessings that were necessary to allow us to be alive and reading this right now. We also tend to think that blessings must be warm and fuzzy. But a warm and fuzzy universe would retard our spiritual development. A blessing is more likely to be something that provides you with a developmental challenge, an opportunity for spiritual growth. The occurrence of this card indicates that unseen forces are blessing you right now.

You are never alone, not in your body, not on this planet, and not in the spirit realm where your soul and psyche live. Our bodies are a colony of 50 trillion cells working together to allow us a corporeal existence on a planet where there are another six billion of us and myriad other living things. But we are even less alone in the spirit world, where location is irrealized and sympathetic vibration transcends boundaries of space and time. Invisible allies in the spirit world and in the microbiological realm work to keep you alive. As above, so below.

In the unseen realm there are watchers and helpers always available. Sometimes we need to tune into their subtle messages, other times to call out for their help, other times merely to allow their ministrations to occur while we are scarcely aware of their help.

There are spirit guides available to help us. External spirit guides include guardian entities, human spiritual allies, great books and oracles. The most important spirit guide, however, is your “self.” Jung used the term to refer to the totality of the psyche, of which the conscious ego is a small part. Listen for the quiet, calm, compassionate inner voice.

Accessing help from the spirit realm is more about recognizing what’s there than seeking something from afar.

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