Alex Grey and the Mind Parasites, a New Development Amongst Millenials

Some of you may have already read this but Reality Sandwich just published a new version of Alex Grey and the Mind Parasites. This article, based on some conversations with Alex, analyzes a visionary experience he had on LSD that led to his classic painting, Demons and Deities Drinking from the Milky Pool.

While you are on Reality Sandwich check out another featured article there Synchronicity, Myth and the New World Order —-as brilliant and incisive an article as I’ve ever read anywhere.

I just wrote a new article about an interesting cultural change I’ve noticed, mostly on Facebook, amongst members of the millennial generation. If any millennials out there have any observations to add I would love to add their comments to the article. See: Anti-Homophobic Homoerotic Joking—A Positive Mutation of the Millennial Generation?

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