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Down the UFOlogical Rabbit Hole with Simeon Hein

I met up with Simeon Hein recently at the International Congress on Consciousness in Miami where he was a presenter. As the conference was wrapping up, we recorded an interview that is a deep dive into the UFOlogical rabbit hole. We covered a great many key topics such as: psychological and cultural reasons for irrational resistance to paranormal research, key paranormal events in Simeon’s early life, and what NASA and aerospace insiders say about hidden NASA space programs, reverse engineering of extra-terrestrial craft, etc.

Simeon has taught statistics to university students and has a Ph. D. in sociology with an emphasis on how people interact with technology.  He started his own research and teaching company, the Mount Baldy Institute in 1996, to give people the opportunity to learn resonant viewing, a type of intuitive training that taps into our creative unconscious intelligence.

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