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Need something written in words that are vivid and precise, that glow in the minds of your readers?  I’ve written ad copy, resumes, letters, reports, promotional materials, and articles for various persons and organizations. I won’t, however, write for a product, service or purpose that I don’t believe in. I’ve taught writing at high school and college for fourteen years, have a master’s degree from NYU in creative writing, and have published thousands of pages of writing. Consider the contents of this site my resume. If you read a variety of my documents you’ll see that some are written from the scholarly voice, others are highly visual and stylized. I adjust voice and style to the needs of the document and this is something I interview clients about to be sure we are on the same page. 

Prices vary based on the nature of the project. Begin by sending me an email about what you need written and be sure to specify what you want the document to do and to whom—who is the intended audience? I’ll let you know if it’s something I think I can take on and if so, I’ll interview you about exactly what you want and negotiate, price, deadline, etc. 

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