Thousand Word Photography

Thousand Word Photography

—–Pictures that are Worth a Thousand Words

photos copyright 2012, Jonathan Zap

Thousand Word Photography emphasizes conceptually unique images, not slick commercialism. I use a professional quality digital SLR, but am not technically oriented so if you need studio lighting or catalogue photography I’m not your guy. The photographs to be found in the Zap Oracle will give an idea of my approach to photography. I have done many sorts of photography jobs such as:

Shooting weddings in a photojournalist style rather than that of stereotypical wedding photography.

Taking candid portraits that capture the essence of a person rather than a standard head shot.

Since I also have a writing service some have hired me to create pictures and words to tell the story of a product, service, or endeavor. For example, I have been hired as the official blogger of a large conference and both written about it and acted as the photographer.

My photography for businesses is based on a simple philosophy: Customers purchase products or services based on the emotional experience they expect the product or service to deliver. Thousand Word Photography does more than merely catalogue the physical resources of a business–we deliver the images that tell a thousand words about the feelings customers want from your product or service.

I am located in Boulder, Colorado so depending on where you need me to work there may be travel expenses involved. Send me a brief email describing your job and if I can take it on I’ll give you a call and we can negotiate a price.

Fairy vs. Ranger.jpg

A few sample images from photo shoots at two Santa Fe bed and breakfasts

Hot Tub5.jpg

Hot Tub3_copy.jpg



Casa del Toro Buffet_copy.jpg

Adrian, digital darkroom specialist

Macys Grey twin blurred boundaries

Images and text copyright 2012 Jonathan Zap


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