Boulder in January

Lights Through the Veil of Darkness—Setting Solstice Intentions

(Winter Images from Boulder, Colorado, photos copyright Jonathan Zap)

Since this is the turning point when the light principle is going to emerge from the darkest day of the year and begin to grow, this is an ideal time to consult your intuition and possibly the oracle of your choice on what needs to be brought into the light and given more life in the new year. You can consult the Zap Oracle for free:

The text of card #466,  “Lights Through the Veil of Darkness” is related to the solstice:

Even in the midst of veils of darkness, points of light may be seen. If you are open to them, you may notice moments of compassion amidst the noisy business of human transaction. There are moments when the world reveals its inner beauty and novelty and categories like good, bad, natural and artificial fall away as you behold the beauty of suchness, the implied magnificent precision of the whole phantasmagoria of light and dark forms coming at you throughout human incarnation. If you see only darkness then your vision is woefully incomplete. The scintillations of light all around may be offset more brilliantly by the surrounding veils of darkness.

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