You are a Jewel in Indra's Net
FROM WIKIPEDIA In East Asian Buddhism, Indra's net is considered as having a multifaceted jewel at each vertex, with each jewel being reflected in all of the other jewels . . . the image of "Indra's net" is used to describe the interconnectedness or "perfect interfusion" of all phenomena in the universe.

Card #535 – You are a Jewel in Indra’s Net

Like a fractal, like a hologram, the small part — the microcosm, recapitulates the whole, the macrocosm. You are a microcosm of the multiverse, an organism made by the cosmos that actually works.

As you are reading this card, about forty trillion cells, each as complex as the infrastructure of a small city, are working cooperatively to sheath your awareness in a corporeal body. If you completely understood your body and psyche, you would know more than anybody who has ever lived. By exploring within, you embark on an inner voyage of discovery that can never be exhausted, and where new vistas are always opening.

If you are seeking to understand others, the most powerful way is through greater awareness of yourself.

Greater awareness of the other side of your incarnation, your daily journey into the dreamtime, is a powerful inner voyage of discovery.

The deeper you travel within, the more you connect to the rest of the multiverse, of which you are an inextricably woven part.

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