Working with/ Transforming the Materials at Hand
I took this photo in the workshop of a talented craftsperson in British Columbia who was making magic wands and other interesting objects out of dumpstered materials. CARD URL:

Card #266 – Working with/ Transforming the Materials at Hand

“An inventive approach to using the materials at hand is a hallmark of survivor thinking.”
— Laurence Gonzalez, Deep Survival

You have everything you need in the present situation to work with impeccability. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work toward manifesting additional resources and opportunities. It does mean that the present situation supplies you with everything you need to take the next step. Think out of the box, people have changed the world with nothing more than pen and paper. You can create magic out of mundane materials if you creatively embrace what is before you.

Resource Fluctuations Happen — Working with Scarcity and Abundance

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